Monday, November 26, 2007

Nyle Leatham Passes...

I note with sadness the death of of my friend, photographer extraordinaire Nyle Leatham, after a short bout with pancreatic cancer.

Nyle was, of course, father of the great Ron Leatham and a chronicler of the history of practical shooting. I can recall with perfect clarity sitting in Nyle and Carol Leatham's little trailer at so many different matches on so many different ranges, looking at his photographs, drinking ice tea and talking about this wonderful world of practical shooting we'd discovered.

You can read the tributes on Brian Enos' forums.

I am sure that whatever afterlife is out there, Nyle will document it with his signature exquisite grace and style.

Rob and heart is with you.


Anonymous said...

One of the greatest treasures I've enjoyed during all my years of writing gun articles was working with Nyle Leatham at The Masters and the USPSA Nationals when we worked for the same publication.

He was truly a true believer when it came to defensive firearms and the 2nd Amendment, but more importantly he was a gentle-man, thoroughly kind in his treatment of others; both rich and poor, and a keen observer of the human condition.

I have always felt privileged to call him "Friend". We are all richer for knowing him and enjoying his wonderful work and the world is a little poorer now without his daily presence.

With Great Sadness I Note His Passing,
Frank W. James

Dennis Ruprecht said...

My sincerest condolences to all the family.
The world is a less wonderfull place now.

I met him back in 1990 at the IPSC World Championships held in Adelaide, South Australia.

A Real nice Man


Will said...

Enjoyed his magazine work, which was always top shelf. He will certainly be missed.
Pancreatic cancer could be termed a Stealth cancer. Normally not noticed until right before the lights go out. Survival rate is close to zero. It appears that it must be found by accident, long before any symptoms can manifest. Having a parent die of this greatly increases the odds of it occurring in the children.

gunman42782 said...

RIP Nyle. You will be missed.

Anonymous said...

I never knew, nor heard of Nyle, but I can tell a lot about him by watching his son Rob. Rob is a "class act". He didn't get that way by being raised by a pack of dogs. He was raised by a fine father, Nyle, and mother.
Our sympathy to the family, from the frozen north.
Life Member

Anonymous said...

I first ran into Nyle in the late 80's at PASA. He could not have been nicer, treated me like a family friend even though I had just meant him. Always willing to talk, share his thoughts and photos. In 1988 I saw Nyle at PASA and asked how the world shoot went, we talked for a few minutes, then he asked if I would like to see some of the pictures he had taken. Nyle lead me up the hill to his rental car, opened the trunk and began pulling out stacks of photos he had taken. Spent almost an hour on the hill with Nyle going through the photos and listening to his stories from the world shoot. Nyle will be missed and my condolences to the Leatham family.


Anonymous said...

That is my Grandfather, Nyle Leatham. And my Uncles name is ROB...FYI

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