Monday, November 19, 2007

Winchester Grabs Fed Contract

This from Walt Rauch via email this PM:
November 19, 2007
Winchester Wins FBI 40 S&W Ammunition Contract

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has awarded Winchester® Ammunition the single largest ammunition contract in the history of federal law enforcement worth a maximum of $54 million for ONE year.

Winchester Ammunition will produce 40 S&W service ammunition, training ammunition, reduced lead training ammunition and frangible ammunition for the FBI for one base year, with four, one-year renewal options.

"The innovation behind the enhanced 40 S&W bonded service round is a testament to our Winchester engineers and the quality of our manufacturing," said Dick Hammett, president, Winchester Ammunition.

Winchester's enhanced 40 S&W service ammunition is a 180-grain, bonded jacketed hollow point round and was selected over all other rounds that were tested. The FBI tests the terminal ballistics of each round by shooting a specific test
protocol through various barriers such as heavy cloth, wallboard, plywood, steel and auto glass into ballistic gelatin.

In addition to the FBI, the contract affects many agencies both inside and outside the Department of Justice, including the Drug Enforcement Administration, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and U.S. Marshal Service.

"On behalf of Winchester, we are extremely proud that our nation's premier law enforcement agency has selected Winchester ammunition to use in its mission of protecting and defending the United States," said Hammett.


Anonymous said...

Key word here is MAXIMUM of $54 million, FBI probably has a ridiculously low minimum amount that they are required to buy. Might be a windfall for us shooters if Winchester gins up for the max, and then has to dump a lot of un-purchased ammo on the surplus market.

Anonymous said...

I want to puke every time I see the phrase "premier law enforcement agency" and FBI in the same sentence. The FBI spied illegally on American citizens for decades. More recently it ran its lab so sloppy that a complete overhaul was necessary. FBI scientists would testify in court that they could perform "lead analysis" which has since been shown to be junk science. The FBI likes to push the use of the "polygraph" which is junk science. The FBI is more Keystone Cops than premier anything at times. And at other times they are more like a group of armed thugs than any law enforcement agency should be in the United States.