Friday, September 09, 2005

The Beat Goes On...

Apparently, NO Police Superintendent P.E.C.III (SEE YESTERDAY'S POST) is getting ready to wage war on his own people. Having proven he was incapable of controlling the streets, Strumfuhrer P. Edwin first declared war on legal firearms owners, in direct contridiction of the U.S. and the Louisiana constitutions.

Not he's finally ready to crack down...on the sad. pathetic remnant of citizens left in that destroyed city. The Strumfurer has ordered his cops to haul' em out, by god, and let's show this rabble what we're made of. His own SWAT commander, though, is less than enthused. This from MSNBC:
The New Orleans Times-Picayune newspaper reported that forced evacuations could start this weekend but that not all city police officers are on board.

“I'm going to do what we're told, we will follow the order, but I'd like to have a meeting about it,” the paper quoted Capt. Jeff Winn, commander of tactical SWAT teams, as saying. “I must say that right now the concept is not acceptable to me and I'm worried about situations where SWAT teams are called to remove residents and someone could get hurt.”
Hey Strumfuhrer, here's another cool idea to show how in control you are. Why don't you order your men to start shooting pets? Or better yet, have them start drowning abandoned kittens...that'll send a message to the rabble!


OXEN said...

On Thursday, in the city's well-to-do Lower Garden District, a neighborhood with many antebellum mansions, members of the Oklahoma National Guard seized weapons from the inhabitants of one home. Those who were armed were handcuffed and briefly detained before being let go.

So they took their guns, and then let them go!

And just how are these unarmed people supposed to defend themselves now?

Are the phone lines up and working yet? If not it's gonna been pretty F'N hard to call the cops!


Are these people going to get THEIR guns back?

Anonymous said...

Oh, the government would nevertake aay people's guns. You silly gun people always think there is a conspiracy around every corner. They'd ever take away legally owned firearms.

Unknown said...

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