Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Pierce Brosnan Speaks Up!

I meant to post this yesterday, because I knoew, just knew, that all America was waiting with baited breath for Pierce Brosnan's comments on George Bush: This from The Scotsman:
Pierce Brosnan, the most recent incarnation of Ian Fleming's hero, broke cover at the Deauville Film Festival to give it to Prez with both barrels of his Walther P99.
First, let me say that this is proof positive that, as several commenters have noted recently, I don't know nearly as much as I think I do! For instance, despite having shot several, I did not know that a Walther P99 had two barrels! Perhaps Farmer Frank James, the resident Walther P99 expert among us will weigh in on this. Maybe the second barrel points backwards, at the shooter, which would explain why Brosnan made such a lame Bond.

As for his comments on anything at all going on in the United States, does anybody other than me hear a small dog yapping?


Anonymous said...

If you define a 'barrel' as a round tube with a closed end containing for the most part a lot of emptiness I suppose one could argue Pierce Brosman with a Walther P99 would be man with a double barreled P99; one barrel on the handgun and the other between and above his shoulder blades.

This won't be politically correct, but then when have I ever been PC? I think everyone in the world has empathy for the residents of New Orleans, but no one has mentioned on any shooting board I've visited on the web since Kratrina how the entire city (both officials and merchants) tried to screw the firearms industry when we last had the Shot Show there.

Not only did they sue everyone in the industry they could think of, but they openly tripled their prices on everything from meals to hotel rooms to cab rides. (I got stuck with a $75 cab ride from my hotel to the airport!) Yeah, I feel sorry for the elderly, the infirm and the innocent, but you know those sacrilegious city officials and the greedy self-serving merchants may have just earned the karma delivered in the Kratrina disaster.

All The Best,
Frank W. James

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