Friday, September 02, 2005

Playtime May Be Over

I'm hearing on VERY DEEP BACKGROUND that playtime may soon be over in the Big Easy. Some very hard boys and girls with some very big guns are apparently getting ready to restore order. And it's damn well about time!


Anonymous said...

Wait a minute. Why can't they just call 911?

Anonymous said...

Oh your hearing on "deep background" huh. Must be your CIA links. Yes we know there has been looting in New Orleans but not a word from you about how Bush has screwed this whole thing up with his incompetence and cronyism.

Michael Bane said...

Yeah, the CIA's been a little slow on those tips!

God knows there's enough blame to go around on this one!


Anonymous said...

You weren't kidding that things are getting serious. Got email from SIG that they just shipped EVERY 220 magazine to the Louisiana state police. They must be planning on shooting a LOT of 45ACP. They also sent/are sending hundreds of their badass rifles to Louisiana cops. DAMN! That's some serious ass kickin' the cops are preparing for. Wonder what else is in the works in this law enforcement build up. Thanks for the inside scoop. You do know your sh*t Mr. Bane.

Unknown said...

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