Friday, September 23, 2005

One Last MORON ALERT Before Nite-Nite!

I just couldn't go to bed without posting more PURE IDIOCY from the kibble-for-brains folks at the Brady Center. This from the
Gun control group to run ads warning about self-defense shootings

A gun control group is set to start running ads contending that a new Florida law allowing people to act in self defense without first trying to flee will make it more dangerous to come here.

On Oct. 1, the day the new law takes effect, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence will run ads in newspapers in London, Chicago, Boston and Detroit that contend that visitors will now "face a greater risk of bodily harm in Florida," The Miami Herald reported Friday.

The group will also hand out fliers to arriving passengers at Miami International Airport drawing attention to the law, which passed the Legislature overwhelmingly earlier this year.
When I lived in Florida, we actually had hunting seasons on foreign tourists, the expressway rest stops were fondly known as "killing zones," and getting lost coming out of Miami International was tantamont to a death sentence! The CCW laws changed all that.

You know, as desperate as Brady is, if we could just get the firearms industry to take a couple of hours off from promoting all-hunting all-the-time, we could drive the final nails in those idiots' coffin and be done with 'em.


Anonymous said...

If all the manufactures know their own sales numbers of sporting vs hunting, and are members of NSSF, why did it just switch to an all hunting logo, and why does the NSSF and the industry promote hunting the way it does?
Peterson Pub, Primedia and others also know their sales of hunting vs sport vs tactical magazines (and of course the general guns magazines sales vary based on the cover and contents)

Again, if you're right, and I have no reason to doubt you, is there the emphasis on hunting?

Anonymous said...

Howdy, Mr. bane...Glad to hear your bud in Flatonia is A-OK. Used to live down the road from there. We once stopped there for a catfish dinner in 1984 on the way home to Houston from San Antone, and I had my fish, my wifes, and my daughter's share. I was runnin a lot the next day...and sore! Still have some friends there, and expect them to be ok. Its Texas. There used to be a father and son team from Flatonia that showed up at all the houston gun Shows, each one always wearing denim overalls and carring a large purse of cash.

I agree the 625 three inch is a great gun. I like it better than the four. I really like the 6.5 inch M25 but it is a little on the large side for carry. It will work in a Baker pancake on the cross draw, vertically, but heavy.

I am real glad I came upon your blog, although I dont remember exactly how I found it. I tried writing to you earlier about the 225 as a carry piece, but there was a computer snafu. I just cant decide on the 228, 225, or the 245. I like all three, and must decide. I have a kramer scabbard and Galco IWB for the 228. The 245 and 225 will work in the same IWB as the 228, and the 225 will fit a Kramer 220 belt scabbard, albeit a little on the short end, and not as tight as I would like... How about a SHTF 228, a 245 everyday carry, and the 225 just for fun! Then there are those pretty little J-frames....and the Seecamp, and the etc. etc...darn so many guns, so little time...!

Michael Bane said...

Let me answer the easy question first!

Mr. Robb is right...too many guns...too little time...

I'm a fan of the SIG 225 because I don't have BIG FAT MITTS! The smaller single stack frame fits my hand very well. However — and this is the difference between SIG and, say Beretta, at least to me — I can easily shoot the SIG double-stackers. My 226 is fitted, as are all my self-defense guns with the exception of the 225, with Crimson Trace Laser Grips. Yes, they sponsor SHOOTING GALLERY, but I am an UNCONDITIONAL SUPPORTER of lasers for self-defense guns...there is no downside and they give you some critical alternatives, such as shooting from "broken/awkward" positions and the undeniable psychological deterent effect. Anyhow, even with the CT grips, I have no trouble shooting the 226 as well as I shoot the 225 (no laser grips are available for the 225!!!).

My 225 conceals pretty well with the Alessi CQC snap-on or an Alessi IWB. I'm thinking of getting a 228 and trying it as a concealment gun, because I like the mo' rounds thing.

In terms of large caliber short barrel revolvers, I truly don't believe the extra inch of a 4-inch over a 3-inch buys you much in the way of either recoil reduction or velocity, and a 3-incher is, to me, more concealable than the 4. This is especially true when carrying the 3-incher in a radical crossdraw holster such as a "driving" holster.

To me, a snubbie big bore revolver in a crossdraw really shines as a driving carry gun. A friend and I did some simulations on shooting from seated positions with and without a shoulder belt in place (we also created a stage at a local tactical match where the shooter had to address targets while seated and belted in). We found a substantially higher incidence of semiauto malfunctions when shootng at targets off the side, which we attributed to a loosening of the shooter's grip as the arm moved toward, and beyond, the 180-degree line.

Obviously, one doesn't have that problem with a revolver, which doesn't require a firm grip to function. Our feeling was that in a high-pressure situation such as a carjacking attempt, a revolver offered an additional margin of functional reliability.

For a 6 1/2 inch barrel, there's never been anything I liked as much as the Bianchi X-15 vertical shoulder holster. I used to use one deer hunting way back when, and I will admit to having carrying (once or twice) my big ole M29 .44 under a REALLY BIG coat.

Overload...I'm going to talk a little about hunting in a new post this AM...


Anonymous said...

I am with you. Relvovers make better car guns. No worries about brass bouncing off the windsheild into someones eyes, and a less secure grip works adequetly well. I like snubbies because they seem to point better and get on target better. Large snubbies are as hard to hide for me as the same grip and cyclinder size of a longer barreled gun, but I have not tried the carry method of which you speak.
...and yes, that 6.5 incher was under a trench coat!

You speak highly of the CT grip. Good that they are a sponser of SHOOTING GALLERY, but what is SHOOTING GALLERY? A cable show? I dont have cable. I am 56 and "medically retired" (14 years) as a broadcaster, and NRA instructor since 1970. I would like to try a CT grip, but again, for which gun???? The 228 fits so well I am afraid the thickness would make the gun too big. Smaller hands in this family too. My 13 year-old has the same size hand as me, and i have given up trying to find one that "fits" better for him than me! At the range, he ALWAYS wants to shoot the same gun that I want to shoot!

Seems like the 225 has been underrated for many years, and is being re-discovered by many now that the hi- cap guns are more common. I didnt get a 225 untill after I used 226's and 228's. i read once that the actual diameter of the 226 is identical to the 228. I dont know for certain and can only say for sure that they are both excellent.

Unknown said...

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