Thursday, September 01, 2005

New Orleans Scary Rumors...

I'm starting to get on-scene reports that the situation in New Orleans is substantially worse than is being presented.

If this is actually the case, God help those poor people!

Gas prices here in the Front Range jumped 33 cents today.

Am raising my own personal threat level to Def-Con Two for the duration — stay home when possible; route to avoid urban areas when I can't; raise the 3-day "disruption supplies" — SOP here in the rural mountains where winter actually means it — to a full week; not leave the house without "substantial" hardware and spare ammo. I don't really think it's necessary, but I am fundamentally paranoid.

I am also evaluating my budget to see how much more I can give. Please, these are our brothers and sisters! Give...


Anonymous said...

You know, Michael, they always make fun of the gun owners that worry about the big "what if." They think we are parnoid or "gun crazy." Even I thought that was a little over the top at times.

Now, I think I might by and extra case or two of ammo. Not because I think this will spread to the north where I live but because the Mother Nature doesn't follow a rule book. And human nature, as much as we'd like to think of it as great, caring and kind, is actually darwinnian. When the rules go away it becomes survival of the fittest. I plan to be one fit mother f*cker with my SIG (following your lead) and a healthy supply of ammo.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Bane,
Don't feel like the only pregnate girl at the dance. I have ordered 2500 hundred rounds to go with my supply. More batteries. Spam , ensure plus, water. Another 9mm Glock. As I feel 9mm will be easier to get if things turn south here. Going to up my meters on the Concept 2 rower. Regards

Anonymous said...

Yeah, time to COWBOY UP. Picked up a SIG (229 with night sights), 4 spare mags and a case of 40S&W. I'll be ready when the time comes...if it does come. Keep up the great work on the blog - a must read for those in the know!

Unknown said...

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