Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Interesting Post-Katrina Thoughts from THR

Here's a really interesting post-Katrina thread from The High Road, one of the largest gun forums on the internet.

I know lots of us have been rethinking our own strategies in the wake of Katrina. As I've said many times before, I live up in the mountains, where we all assume that there will be at least one blizzard a year that "cuts us off from civilization." We all plan accordingly. Most of my evac planning has been based around fast-moving wildfires, although, ironically, I got one of those automated "suggested evac" calls after a screaming blizzard that dumped 6 feet of snow in a day and a half. It took a week to get a plow to us; two days before we saw the first snowmobile. Lacking a dog team and a Yeti guide, we elected to stay put.

The moderator lists several critical points:
1) People who were prepared were frequently mobbed/threatened by those who weren't.
2) When help gets there, you may get it whether you like it or not.
3) There seems to be a cumulative psychological effect upon survivors.
4) There is widespread frustration over the lack of communication and empathy by rescuers and local/State government.
5) Expect rescuers (including law enforcement) to enforce a distinctly un-Constitutional authority in a disaster situation.
6) Don't believe that rescuers are all knights in shining armor who will respect your property.
By all means, read the whole thread!