Saturday, September 17, 2005

Steel Challenge...

Am at the Steel Challenge is lovely metropolitan Piru, CA. This year, The Outdoor Channel and SIGARMS ponied up $20,000 to any shooter who can beat 72 seconds time for the overall match today. Not surprisingly, everybody who's ever held a racegun is here.

First, from yesterday's Limited match, all day long it looked like a duel between TGO, Rob Leatham, and revolvermeister Jerry Miculek. But sneaky old Todd Jarrett crept up and snatched the Limited title at the end of the day, following what amounts to a superhuman run on Five To Go. Todd's score of roughly 81 seconds is one of the top three or four Limited scores ever shot. Thne big surprise was Capital Police trainer Phil Strader, not even shooting on the Super Squad, who came really really close to grabbing the whole thing.

There's all sorts of handicapping going on. Rob Leatham, who actually shot a 72-second match on a different course, says nobody is going to grab the dough. Ditto for match co-owner Mike Dalton. Todd thinks I'm going to have to present the check. Flash shooter J.J. Racaza's already got the money spent.

Me, I thik there's three shooters who can have a big payday today:

• J.J.
• K.C. Esuebio (which I misspelled!)
• Doug Koenig

I'll let you know tonight!