Monday, January 16, 2006

And While We Snooze, the Termites Go About Their Business...

This from today's Washington Post editorial:
There's an obvious thread here that members of Congress choose not to see: The all-too-free flow of handguns, a warped way of life that cows presidents and members of Congress who ought to recognize that the availability of handguns is murderous. The problem is that Americans own 65 million handguns and the only effective safety measure would be a ban on these made-for-murder weapons. As writer Jenny Price noted in a Dec. 25 op-ed in The Post, only 160 of the 12,000 guns used to kill people every year are employed in legitimate self-defense; guns in the home are used seven times more often for homicide than for self-defense.

Lawmakers know all this and know as well that handguns -- however exalted they seem to be in America -- should not be in general circulation. Political long shot that it may be, a national ban on the general manufacture, sale and ownership of handguns ought be enacted.


Anonymous said...

Let the bastards outlaw all guns. They may get the DC, New Orleans, NYC police and CHPs trying to collect them, but here the LEO's have a lot more sense. We really do have two countries anymore.

Anonymous said...

I thought a homicide could be in self-defense.