Tuesday, January 31, 2006

There is NOTHING More Dangerous than a Man with Time on his Hands!

To wit, the above picture of a steam-powered radio controlled centipede. Visit this website, then marvel at the fact you couldn't even get the decals straight on the plastic model of the B-52 you built in high school!

In other earth-shattering news, have you ever wanted to be able to track Jack Bauer's movments on every episode of 24? Well hell, suppose you woke up in the middle of the night after a very bad dream that revolved around Courtney Love, a steam-powered radio controlled centipede and two gallons of Ben and Jerry's "Chubby Hubby" ice cream, wouldn't something like a map tracking Jack Bauer's movements on every episode of 24 help clear your head?

Say no more! head straight to this site to keep up with the Illustrious Jack via Wayfaring maps!

Finally this bit of staking...I mean, breaking news from Minnesota, courtesy of UPI:
PRINCETON, Minn. -- Self-described vampire and Minnesota gubernatorial candidate Jonathan "The Impaler" Sharkey has been arrested on Indiana charges of stalking and escape.
Yeah, might as well read the whole story. I didn't even know that vampires could run for office, although it makes perfect sense into today's political climate. I might even support him, given his platform:
Among his proposals was one that would use impalement to execute murderers, rapists and terrorists.

"As governor," Sharkey said, "terrorists and criminals will live in fear of me, while the people of this state will be able to live fear free."
You know, I'm really up to my ass in alligators. I would actually consider hiring an assistant if I wasn't afraid of violating some federal toxic workplace law. I look at my desk and I want to weep. Weep, I tell you! Instead, I took a moment to buy a new holster for the 1917 snubbie from Rob Leahy at Simply Rugged Holsters up in the frozen tundra of Alaska. I got a Sourdough Pancake in oxblood — simple and very highly recommended on some of the brighter gun lists. You can read a little about it here on Jeff Quinn's GunBlast, which is always entertaining, BTW.

Before I go back to answering the phone, I thought I'd leave you wqith a touching poem from Rosie O'Donnell's blog:
a snunk
the size of zoe
trotting behind r mutts
about to enter r new domain

my wife
slammed the front door
on pepe la pue
Art! Art, I tell you! The woman is pure genius! I'm invigorated...aren't you?


Anonymous said...

No fair plugging "Ben and Jerry"'s,
the company is anti-gun.



Michael Bane said...

Well heck, so is Courtney Love!

It is impossible to edit one's perverse dream fantasies...


I personally only dream of Louise Mandrell, Budweiser and HO-gauge railroad through lush Barvarian landscapes...

Anonymous said...

I didn't need to know Rosie had a blog. But very enjoyable. I'm putting you on my blogroll. And of course I watch the show.

Off to the range.

Unknown said...

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