Tuesday, January 17, 2006

SHOOTING GALLERY Giveaway Gun Takes Shape!

I know...I know...I shouldn't even be showing you guys this yet, but I'm so excited about how it's coming together. This is the beginnings of the Tactical Solutions Ruger 10-.22 we'll be giving away at SHOT. The stock is going out for airbrushing today...I'm thinking oil-slick double black with yellow-gold flames to highlight the anodizing on the metal parts. And, of course, the "classic" SHOOTING GALLERY logo! BTW, Leupold will be donating one of their world-class scopes to top this baby...I'm suggesting their top-end target/competition scope.

Go straight to the Sportsman Team Challenge! Do not pass go, but collect the first prize money!

The only thing better would be a poster of Kit shooting it!


Anonymous said...

Just one word....AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

Hey, that could be arranged for the low low price of one plane ticket! Ship me and that baby to Nashville and we'll have Oleg fix you right up!

I like the little baby bumblebee. Very cute!