Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Must Read "Bias in the Media"...

...column from Jeff over at Alphecca! he does an excellent job of rounding up the present "national calls for gun control," or, as we like to call it, Brady's current initiative. Also check out his dis'sing the goods for MTV's incrediably "I'm a Gunowner." Check the Bitch Girls for more on MTV's predictable smear.

BTW, I'm looking forward to meeting and shooting with Jeff up at the SIGARMS Academy in early May. Jeff does a great job with an important subject.

While Sam Alito wasn't my first choice for the Supremes, I'm glad that he knows his way around a shotgun:
"He's a great marksman — he can do double clays," she [Alito's wife] says, meaning he can hit two clay pigeon targets thrown simultaneously into the air before either hits the ground.
That's a good thing. Maybe we can get him out to the range in Fairfax and crank up some 1911s! Or maybe hook him and Justice Scalia up with Kim Rhode for a little training...now that would be a "Supreme" SHOOTING GALLERY!

If you haven't seen any of this season's SHOOTING GALLERY and COWBOYS, I urge you to mortgage your house, buy a huge 60-inch plasma TV, sign up with Direct TV, get TIVO, then record the whole seasons. The reviews have been just spectacular — I think we've broken through to a whole new level. The shows are fast, funny and I believe the most credible information on firearms available on television.

My partner Robin Berg has hammered together an exception editing staff who are both excellent editors and understand guns and shooting. Our video teams are second to none — each crew now with years of experience filming shooting events as well as years of experience in the business. [One of our videographers was CNN's man in Bosnia; the other has 14 Director of Photography credits in slasher movies! Our sound guy did U2's videos...]. We're using state-of-the-art high definition video equipment — Panasonic movie cameras — and movie-quality field lighting. Yes, it's expensive as all get-out, but Robin and I felt it was time to take our shows to another level.

And subject matter...kiddies, we're here to rock and roll!


David said...

Just saw the point-shooting episode and it was excellent. Much tighter intro sequence, this season! My wife says, "those gun shows always have the best music," and she likes your theme tune the best of all.

Towards the end of this episode, I saw you holding the Fitz Special and got all excited. I thought, "Wahoo! Bane's gonna do a short segment at the end of each episode, showcasing his personal firearms! Gun Pr0n in HD!" But of course, it was Applegate's Fitz.

Anonymous said...

Is there a way to get your show via the net? I don't have a TV.

Cowboy Blob said...

Or...are these episodes ever going to come out on DVD? I don't get the Outdoor Channel (or whatever network your show is on).

Anonymous said...

mb--ditto on your point-shooting episode--your video quality is vastly improved!! dmd45

Anonymous said...

I loved the point shooting episode and wish it could have been an hour! The vintage footage was something I hadn't seen before. And the bloopers at the end were priceless!

Anonymous said...

This friggin SUCKS!!!
Cox cable in the Phoenix area doesn't carry The Outdoor Channel.

I requested a packet from them to get our cable company to get it.
I plan on taking it to Ben Avery Shooting Range and handing out info so there will be more than just little ol' me asking for it. :)

We'll see how this pans out. Hopefully, sometime this year?

Mike, where can we get DVDs?

Anonymous said...

Add my name to the list of deprived who would love to see the shows on DVD.

Anonymous said...

I just got satellite TV and the Outdoor channel. I saw three episodes of Shooting Gallery it is the best! I would buy all of the seasons on DVD right now if they were offered.