Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A Day Without Zombies... just like yesterday! Well Undead; no Satanists; no vamps; no decent movies...and no final spec for the new SOCOM pistol!

How long, does one suppose, it might take the Powers-That-Be at SOCOM to grind out these specs? It has already taken longer than it took John Browning to invent the 1911, as well as substantially longer than the creation of the universe. My cherubs and seraphim — at least the ones who survived yesterday's opening of the Hell-Mouth — tell me that the issue is whether to require percolators and water coolers on the new pistol.

Anyhow, when I was in Texas, which is about 20 miles north of the Hell-Mouth, the Texas Ranger guys I ran into were mighty proud of their stainless steel Springfield Armory "Texas Ranger"-logo'ed 1911s. As you all know, because you're all smarter than two whip factories, the Rangers were the first law enforcement agency in America to adopt the 1911, which they did as soon as there were 1911s to adopt. They did this because they spent a lot of time alone in very dangerous places, an environment where the 1911 did and still shines. These days, the issue gun for the Rangers is the SIG 229, but they're authorized to carry the 1911 .45s if they qualify with them. The 1911s are also the "barbeque pistol" — the gun you wear to festive events — of choice, preferably in a tooled leather holster.

I swear, after a few days in the Panhandle I find myself looking at the Ted Blocker Wild Bunch 1911 holster or a floral-carved San Pedro Saddlery Pike holster for my 1911s. Good lord...I'm going native!


Anonymous said...

mb--how about some pix w/logo of the texas ranger's fancy sa 1911? regards, dmd45

Anonymous said...

I seem to recall a Skeeter Skelton article out of the depths of my memory in which he dicussed a Ranger who carried a 1911. If I remember correctly the Ranger only carried the magazine that was in the gun with no spares. Must have been a simpler time.

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