Wednesday, June 28, 2006

House GOP Inadvertantly Wakes Up... must be summer, since our rollicking Representatives appear to be shaking themselves awake and are realizing that — OH CRAP! — they've got to get re-elected in the fall!

How else to explain that after addressing critical issues like allowing condo owners to fly the American flag (no mention was made of the Jolly Roger, however, the flag of choice here at Ripley's Ranch), the House of Reps will finally consider some gun issues. This from Fox:
Two measures relate to the rights of gun owners. One would prohibit the confiscation of legal firearms during national emergencies, barring practices such as the one that officials said arose in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina hit.

The measure is backed by the National Rifle Association, which has hailed the recent passage of a state law in Louisiana."The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina became the proving ground for what American gun owners have always feared: the day that government bureaucrats throw the Bill of Rights in the trash and declare freedom to be whatever they say it is,"Wayne LaPierre, NRA executive vice president, said in a statement posted on the organization's Web site.

No word on what the other gun issue is...national reciprocity for concealed carry permit-holders is on the table somewhere (way back on the table...probably still in the kitchen). Fox also notes that nobody thinks any of this stuff will actually be made law, but it's a happy sop to those of us who will decide whether the GOP retains its majority come November.

Meanwhile, back at the Helpless Pitiful Giant, aka, the United Nations, the U.S. has already thrown a turd into the gun confiscation punchbowl. From the Washington Times:

The United States will oppose any international effort to limit access of U.S. civilians to legal firearms but supports stronger controls on arms imports and exports, a senior State Department official said yesterday.

"The U.S. Constitution guarantees the rights of our citizens to keep and bear arms, and there will be no infringement of those rights," Mr. Joseph [Robert Joseph, the undersecretary of state for arms control and international security] said. "The United States will not agree to any provisions restricting civilian possession, use or legal trade of firearms inconsistent with our laws and practices."

Ah shucks! What's a Sri Lankan lacky (Sri Lacky?) to do? I guess what all the other U.N. lackies do — just keep sucking on George Soros' money teet and socking away the loot in some Swiss bank account so one never has to go back to whatever Third World hellhole one is representing on the world stage. Of course, that could be my cynicism talking!

Also from the Times, the lovely and insightful Katie Couric will be touring the country proporting to do what she never did in her slot as an interviewer on the Today Show — listening. This from Cal Thomas' column:

Emulating the "listening tour" of Hillary Clinton when she first ran for the Senate, the newly minted anchor of the CBS Evening News, Katie Couric, will soon embark on a listening tour of her own. Executive Producer Rome Hartman says, "It's an attempt to hear from regular folks on a whole broad range of things that help us make decisions on how we can better serve our viewers."
It's so heart-warming when American royalty reaches out to us little people, the "regular folk." And it's so exciting for we peasants to see real Manolo Blahnik slingback f&%k-me shoes in person! We live so far in the Out Back that my Sweetie, sad to say, cannot readily identify a pair of Manolos on sight, so visits like this one help us bond with the Blue State intelligensia who know so much more than we small fry. La Couric is going to be in Denver...I wonder whether her advance people might allow l'il ole me to speak with Her Highness? I'd never ask her why she called Sarah Brady one of the "greatest Americans" ever, or why she hectored Charlton Heston — one of the real greatest Americans ever! — about the need for more gun control, or why the Today Show, according to Media Watch, is one of the most overly biased antigun shows on television and how she's going to reconcile that with the news concept of "objectivity" siree-bob!

All I want to know is, honey, where did you get them shoes?


Anonymous said...

In regards to the United Nations, I'd like a little clairification on what the U.S. means when it supports stronger controls on arms imports and exports. Depending on how these agreements are worded they may effect such things as importation of ammunition and C&R weapons not to mention the guns that are manufactured overseas, such as Beretta.

As far as I'm concerned, the U.N. should mind it's own business. The only thing they've been capable of producing in the last 60 years is a nice Christmas card.

Patrick Sweeney said...

I don't care what kind of shoes she wears, I'd never jump the Couric beast.

Anonymous said...

The ATF is running wild under the direction of little Albert"O"

Yet the 2 weak Bills in congress that will reform the ATF are on Hold.

Anonymous said...

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