Saturday, June 17, 2006

Sorry — Dial Up Hell!

I mean, you stay at a hotel that lists "High-Speed Internet," except that means in ONE FRIGGIN' ROOM!

Not mine, either.

Instead, I get a Coke machine next door that runs all night in a room the size of a crypt. I got dial-up, I'm going to go to the Hogue soiree and leave the long posts until I get home.

Let me say, however, that the Randy Lee .44 Magnum supergun is, indeed, a super gun. I was shooting like, five or six grains of Trail Boss under a 205-gr lead bullet (graciously loaded up for me by Dave Wilson...thank you very much!), and it was like shooting a .22. The trigger is flawless — smooth, light (it's that titanium cylinder, doncha know) and a super clean break. The gun was so good it made me almost look like I knew what I was doing!!!

Maybe I can talk Randy into a SHOOTING GALLERY giveaway gun later this year...

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