Thursday, June 22, 2006

More Fun with the Forest Service!

This is actually pretty funny...remember I told you about the Rainbow People migrating through the mountains? Well, the main herd swung north to more fertile pastures near Steamboat Springs. This is from the morning's Denver Post:
Forest Service officials on Wednesday removed a checkpoint that had become a flashpoint for an uncharacteristic uprising by the peace-espousing Rainbow Family, a counterculture group gathering near Clark for its annual dose of feral, communal life.

The move came after the Forest Service said nearly 200 Rainbows surrounded 15 forest rangers and pelted them with sticks and stones Tuesday as they attempted to control the flow of people in and out of the site and issue citations because no one has filed for a large-gathering permit.

The confrontation forced rangers to retreat.

"We have disbanded our checkpoint that we had the other day, but we still have a significant law enforcement presence in there patrolling the area," said Denise Ottaviano, spokeswoman for the agency.
My goodness...sticks and stones! Well, I guess that could break their bones, but words can never hurt them...unfortunately.

I assume this means the Greenies have gone back to their usual job, which is harassing shooters who are attempting to enjoy their rights on USFS land.

This calls into question what Forest Service "Rangers" actually do. I mean, they whine endlessly about "not having the resources to do our jobs," yet they have unlimited resources to stage bogus public meetings, staffed by literally dozens of USFS employees on paid time and including law enforcement on paid time, aimed at shutting down shooting on public lands.

They issue no citations littering or make "arrests" for illegal dumping — instead going to the local media to blame shooters. They have no records for any of the egregious "problems" they claim; they "tell different truths" with impunity to media and public officials alike when anyone questions them and — the ultimate indignity — when they're actually called upon to do something, they run yellow-dog with their tails between their legs from a bunch of tie-dyed hippie chicks with sticks.

I say if we're going to keep paying these "public servants" for whatever it is they do, we provide them with big floppy shoes and bright red balls for their noses. At least they'd be entertaining while they're flailing about.


Anonymous said...

They need a No Chance Sticks & Stones Proof Vest. My company makes this critical life saving equipment which normally retails for $600 each but carries a law enforcement/military price of $350. Besides providing "Level IV" protection, they come in a variety of natty colours.

Anonymous said...

One Riot. One Range. Ooops, wrong rangers.

Anonymous said...

One word.....


Anonymous said...

Twenty-five years ago Clark, Colorado was a great area. Lot of wilderness, game and fish. Now it looks like the clowns have moved in, at least until it snows. Back then Boulder, Colorado experienced the same problem with the hippies . Sugar Loaf and all the areas around your place was wall-to-wall people all believing California would break-off and fall into the Pacific. By the first snow, they all left.

Anonymous said...

For the past year, Undersecretary Mark Rey and USFS Law Enforcement Director John Twiss sought our "insight and solutions" to problems with the USFS law enforcement (LEI) progam. In court depositions in May 2006, Mark Rey admitted that LEI has had a lot of complaints then also testified, "For the record... we
discussed, and that was the utility of developing an
advisory committee of local law enforcement officers
to, as we do in many cases in the program areas,
advise the forest service of their suggestions in
terms of law enforcement issues." We did not discuss that but it certainly sounds like a good idea. They sorely need some help and guidance.

Maureen Lee, NFAA