Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Don't Forget Your 4th of July Cards!

Pity poor Prasad Kariyawasam! The poor U.N. Ambassador from Sri Lanka, who is spearheading the United Nations' effort to end firearms ownership by anyone except dictators, mass murders, presidents-for-life, terrorists and other human vermin, has gotten "100,000 letters" urging him to stand down. This from MSNBC:
"I myself have received over 100,000 letters from the U.S. public, criticizing me personally, saying, ‘You are having this conference on the 4th of July, you are not going to get our guns on that day,’” said Prasad Kariyawasam, Sri Lanka’s U.N. ambassador.

“That is a total misconception as far as we are concerned,” Kariyawasam told reporters ahead of the two-week meeting opening on Monday.
Yeah right...that's why they invited 500 antigun groups, because they're not really antigun!

Anyhow, go to Stop The Gun Ban and send your own greeting cards to these simpering weasels. On my note to Prasad, I urged him to concentrate on the things the U.N. is good at doing, such as stealing food from starvation victims, raping children and standing on the sidelines while some U.N.-sponsored thug commits genocide...after, of course, first disarming the victims!


Anonymous said...

This UN threat is real but what about the BATF ABUSE of gun owners, dealers and gun smiths.
Michael does the NRA know about the raid on KT ordnance.
Will the NRA help Richard of KT Ordnance?
What about the New Documentary film from JPFO "The Gang" The film that exposes the ABUSE of the BATF

Michael Bane said...

The NRA definitely knows about KT Ordnance, but you're going to have to ask them about their plans on the case.

I have found it pretty much impossible to get the political side of our lobby to focus on ANY gun issues (and recent BATFE actions are certainly among those issues that need focus).

Frankly, I think for better or for worse there's a good chance the gun vote is going to stay home this November.


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