Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Give Her a Hand!

I'm so on top of this story, so to speak:
Stripper skips hearing over human hand, skulls
Nude juice bar dancer who won’t reveal origin of ‘Freddy’ the hand on lam

SOUTH PLAINFIELD, N.J. - Police were looking for a nude dancer who kept six human skulls and a human hand in a Mason jar in her home here after the woman failed to show up for a court arraignment on Wednesday.
Seems the lovely Linda was a Goth exotic dancer in an all-nude juice bar. Why do I feel popular culture is passing me by, and why do I feel a sudden urge to do a Google search for "human skulls for sale?"

I didn't know that it was a felony in New Jersey to disturb human do they ever talk to their politicians?


Anonymous said...

Since Frank Lautenberg is technically "undead," he can act as a medium between the living and the deceased.

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