Thursday, July 20, 2006

Range Day Rained Out!

Not complaining...when it's fire season up here we'll take all the "wet" we can get!

Anyhow, some of the commenters were sounding a little shaky, so I did take some pictures of the Taurus PT-1911. Let me step you through the gun, which is all I can do until I can get to the range.

First, check out the front and rear serrations...looks good; feels good. The slide/frame and barrel fit are DNO* (*Dead Nuts On) and feels very much like the fit on my custom 1911s. Trigger clocks in at a spec over 4 pounds, with only the tiniest bit of creep. I've done some draws and haven't had the slightest problem hitting the grip safety every time...a big big issue for little Miss Girly Hands here. The grip safety is one of the Ed Brown "Speed Bump" styles...perfect, IMO.

The ambi thumb safeties are also perfect, which, in my definition, means that they crisply snap off and on. This is a BIG TIME pet peeve of mine! I mean, along with the trigger it's the most important control on the gun! If it sticks or binds, you can get an unfortunate case of DEAD!

To sum up the operating controls, I WOULD NOT send this gun to a gunsmith! That's a big compliment...I send virtually every 1911 I handle and plan to keep to a gunsmith because I know EXACTLY how I want the operating controls to feel — in short, I want them all to feel just like the Wilson Master Grade I competed with. Period.

Handling-wise, I like the 30 lines-per-inch checkering on the mainspring housing and the frontstrap, maybe because I'm old. When I was seriously competing, I preferred 20 lpi with the diamonds cut sharp as razors. My hands occasionally bled — 1911 Stigmata! — but the gun never shifted in my grip. The checkering under the trigger guard is a nice touch. Grips feel good, but I'd change them out for something stickier...AlumaGrips or some of the gator-type grips.

Two 8-round mags, both marked "Made in Brazil" are included. They look like the ACT/Novak mags supplied with the S&Ws and SIGARM GSRs. These feed fine in hand-cycling ball, and I've had great luck with the ACTs — so much so that I now prefer them over the Wilsons that I've used for years. Magazine well is beveled, but like all 1911s it crys out for a blended in Smith & Alexander or Heinie well.

Sights are Heinie-marked and exactly the same as I have on my Dick Heinie Springfield Armory. The straight-8 sight picture is excellent, especially with the wider opening in the rear sight

Yes, the hammer has one of those ridiculous locking mechanisms on it, but:
1) Live with it; they ain't gonna go away.
2) It's not obtrusive.
3) Everybody I know has stacks of 1911 hammers lying around. Go buy a Cylinder & Slide hammer if it makes you happy.
The Taurus has a full length guide rod...I suppose there's nothing to be done for it. No , you really don't need it, but all your friends probably have one, so there.

Anyway, that's all I can tell you without shooting it!


Anonymous said...

An easily trashcanned silly locking mechanism is the next best thing to not having a silly locking mechanism.

Color me pleased! Thanks for the report.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the report on the Taurus. Overall, it looks pretty good. From my personal point of view, I have only a couple of nits to pick. Hammer safety? Yost-Bonitz hammer and sear. Easy. Ugly trigger? Greider. Also easy. Front cocking serrations? Not my cup of java, but seemingly well-executed. Heinie rear sight? Love them.....BUT...I don't care for it just sitting on top of the slide like that. It just screams, "Blend me into the rear of the slide like Dick intended!!!" Am I being picky? Sure...but I am a 1911 guy who has been spoiled by work from Yost, Burns and Chuck Rogers. I have to say, though, that this has great potential as the basis for a beater carry gun. Keep us posted!!


Anonymous said...

mb--thank you--looks like a real winner--details on firing pin safety type/release/etc?? dmd45

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, seems to be some inconstancy coming out of Taurus. Wiley Clapp just tested one in the lastest American Rifleman and the trigger pull on that one came in at 6 pounds, 3 ounces.

- JM

Anonymous said...

I like to see you do a head to head comparison of this Taurus with a comparably equipped Kimber (which looks to be about 50% more money, mind you).

Anonymous said...


Been wanting one of these ever since I heard they were coming out, to replace my Charles Daly OACP daily carry piece, which is now looking the worse for wear (grip safety and MSH bluing is almost gone, and the sucker starts to rust before the day is out if I have a "outside & sweating" day, what with central FL's lovely humidity). Mine is going to be the "compact" version Taurus is offering - the OACP frame with a true Commander-length top end. Best of both worlds, and I don't have to fork over for either a Colt CCO (good luck finding one, let alone a decent one) or a custom one-off.

Saw Mr. Clapp's article in AR two days ago when my copy got here. Very good article, although a bit short.

My wishes for the Taurus 1911:

I agree - blend in the rear sight better, or offer something else as an option (Novaks, etc.)
Make the ambi safety an option, not standard.
Offer better stocks, as they already do for their revolvers
And my personal request: Offer as an option, the stainless versions with a black/dark/colour finish, a-la Armory-Kote or Kim-Pro, etc. I NEED the stainless steel, but I much prefer a dark blued pistol. This is the best of both worlds. Sure, I could have Bob Cogan at APW spray it for me (and I probably will when I get mine), but having it factory done is better, and the warranty stays intact.

As the "silly lock" has been mentioned, I won't do it here. At least Taurus did it so it is easily done away with, if desired. Almost as good as Springfield's MSH version. I do like the older-style "commander ring" hammer, though!

The only real super-annoyance with the Taurus for me is the darn firing-pin "safety" they used. It's gonna make finding parts on the aftermarket tougher, unless one just trashes the whole lockwork and replaces everything with series-70 type parts - or, am I wrong here?

Can't wait to see a real, in-depth review of the Taurus 1911's from such a writer as yourself!

djkit said...

hi i just wanna ask, because ive tried researching it and could not find any accurate info regarding the taurus pt 1911, on all of this components and features and part, is this considered a standard 1911 government issue and parts of it can be replaced for an aftermarket accessories and replaceable parts also? pls email me the answer thru, thanks