Thursday, July 13, 2006

Missouri Monsoon Season

I'm riding out an apparent monsoon in Columbia, MO, hoping to have some great meetings tomorrow. And it has been a great trip so was a great interview with John Ross, even though his house caught on fire last night and his living room burned up! He was amazingly gracious, considering all he was having to deal with. This is one SHOOTING GALLERY you're not going to want to miss! Watch for it January 2007.

Good news from the Senate:
U.S. Senate Votes to Protect Second Amendment Rights During Emergencies

Thursday, July 13, 2006 Fairfax, VA – Senator David Vitter’s amendment to prohibit the use of funds appropriated under the Homeland Security appropriations bill (H.R. 5441) for the confiscation of lawfully possessed firearms during an emergency or major disaster passed the United States Senate with broad bi-partisan support, the final vote margin was 84-16. In the House, Congressman Bobby Jindal of Louisiana introduced HR 5013, the “Disaster Recovery Personal Protection Act of 2006,” an NRA-supported bill amending federal emergency statute laws to stop local authorities from confiscating lawfully owned firearms during times of disaster.
The bill's probably a slam-dunk in the House, so hopefully we'll be able to check one item off our list of political "musts." Now, let's get that CCW Reciprocity bill going!

I got great news from Taurus today that I should have one of their long-awaited 1911s in my hands by next week. I'm looking forward to it, because the samples that I've handled have been really top-drawer.

I plan to wring it out next week and hopefully shoot it in a local match, then post the story on, so — as usual — you'll be able to read about it here first. With those carpetbagger faux shooters, of course, you can see a new gun when somebody pays them to let you see it...can you spell "sleazy?"

In other great industry news, it looks like everybody's favorite cowgirl, Holy Terror, is getting ready to accept another challenge as a factory shooter for a major firearms company. Can't tell you which one yet, but think Tupperware.

Congratulations, Randi! You deserve it!

It looks like the great gunsmith Bruce Gray is finally going to ESCAPE FROM CALIFORNIA for the wilds of central Oregon. He tells me he's signed the papers on a nice chunk of land, which will morph into a new gunsmithy and training facility. Don't be surprised if revolver ace (I was going to say "great" again, but I started creeping myself out) Randy Lee at Apex Tactical joins Bruce in OR-REE-GONE to create a mega-gunsmithy. In no time at all they'll be swilling microbrews and sporting, "Welcome To Oregon; Now Go Home!" bumperstickers!


Anonymous said...

A good Smith Smith in Oregon? Woohoo! I'd trade a thousand Californians for Randy Lee!!

Jerry The Geek said...

Welcome to Oregon!

Oregon (hearts) Shooters.

Note to Michael: you have GOT to get your GIf library installed comments page, so we can use the (hearts} image pt the (circle with a diagonal line), depending on whether future immigrants are Blue or Red on 2nd ammendment issues.

Anonymous said...

Just a fine point, but one we're sensitive about, it's Ory-gun, not Or-E-gone. Like the Willamette Valley, the mnemonic we use is, "it's Will-am-itt, dammit." Sounds like one Californian we can take, but we are approacing the quota for the year...

Anonymous said...

Nope ... we are over quota.

We will have to shoot about a dozen of them. Then the gunsmith can move in.

And that's Orygun, damn it.

Anonymous said...

Back in high school history class in Corvallis in the mid-80s (Go Raiders!), we watched a film documentary about the settling of the West narrated by Alastair Cooke. When he began waxing poetic about the Wil-uh-Met River in Or-e-Gone, we all cracked up.

Anonymous said...

Talk about a great place to send your gun off to for work. It would be an impressive shop with those two at the bench. Hope they do it.

althea said...

Hail is a nightmare for anyone trying to grow anything outdoors. Just imagine bullets raining down on your vegetables and fruits. Fortunately this hail was small enough that the damage was minimal, but considering all the strange weather we've been getting, I worry that we might get golf-ball sized or worse before long.

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