Thursday, July 27, 2006

Jihad 101

For those having problems separating the good guys from the bad guys during the current conflict in the Middle East, perhaps this cartoon, courtesy of Michelle Malkin, might help.


Anonymous said...

Hummm; that pretty much sums it up, the cartoon that is. It ain't rocket science shoot missles at Israel they shoot back. Hide behind others they still shoot so don't let the bad guys hide behind you, true cowards that they are.

Wake up world the Jihadist want all non-radical Muslims DEAD

Anonymous said...

mb--thank you for this post--am yisroel chai--tamid l'olam!!! dmd45

Anonymous said...

Altho I agree with the sentiment in the cartoon I have slowly come to the conclusion that the state of Israel will, like the Christian Kingdom in Palestine in the middle ages, eventually fall. It may take a few decades yet I don't see Israel standing off the Muslim jihad forever.