Wednesday, February 07, 2007

2008 Is Coming...God Help Us All!

Still light blogging as I continue to work on the DOWN RANGE TELEVISION site...not to mention the fact that my house's pipes are frozen, et cetera et cetera. Suxs to have no water...least we've got electricity! I'm faithfully answering queries on the DOWN RANGE Forums, however. So go there for your daily dosage of Michael Bane nonsense!

In the meanwhile, read Alphecca's excellent piece on 2008 politics:
I'd written about Richardson a couple weeks ago. Frankly, I tend to be a one-issue voter: Gun rights. How a candidate and his voting record score on that issue probably counts for 50% of my considering voting for him/her, with all other issues filling in the remaining 50% of the equation. There are a lot of voters out there like me. On gun rights, or on abortion, or on a host of other issues.

In the last couple decades, I have voted for republican presidential candidates almost solely based on the fact that their democratic opponents supported gun control. I suspect that trend will continue unless the Democrats wake up. Hillary and Obama and Gore and Edwards will never get my vote. [Bill] Richardson might.
So far, I agree with Jeff...Democrat Bill Richardson of New Mexico — who carries a Glock, BTW — is looking like the only Presidential candidate I can support. Guliani is a Dem-N-Disguise and viruently antigun; McCain hates both the First and Second Amendment, and he's not sure about the Fourth and probably a few others; the other Dems are all FROM HELL. Looks like the election will be just a laff riot, doesn't it?

The US Forest Service issue is heating up again locally, with the Greenies staging another batch of public meetings to try and find three or four people who agree with Christine "GUNS SUCK" Walsh. The last series of public meetings ending in a huge embarassment to the USFS Greenies and Walsh in particular when it turned out that the only people who had problems with target shooting on public lands were Walsh and her direct hires. The huge turnout was virtually 100% pro-gun and shooting, so the USFS Children's Crusade is gearing up to try again.

Where do you suppose these fine public servants get the money to keep holding public meetings trying to find some brain-damaged individuals to agree with them? Of course...out of our pockets! I've said before and I'll say again...other than fire mitigation, the USFS is a HUGE waste of taxpayer money. Keep the the rest!


Anonymous said...

I could vote for Bill Richardson. But he has about as good a chance of being nominated as a snowballs chance in Hades! And if Rudy or McCain is nominated, I guess I will vote Libertarian. People can hollor I am throwing away my vote all they want. I will throw it away before I vote for an anti-gun candidate.

Anonymous said...

You sez:

"So far, I agree with Jeff...Democrat Bill Richardson of New Mexico — who carries a Glock, BTW — is looking like the only Presidential candidate I can support."

Give Ron Paul a fair shot ...

Anonymous said...

I'm a NM citizen who's gotten to see Fatso's mechanations up close in Santa Fe. (No, I've never voted for him.) First of all, he does NOT carry a Glock (tho he claims to own one and he got his CC license) - he's made this clear in several speechs. Secondly, the man is the most self-serving bastard I've ever seen. Stupid, too - look at his Imus performance last week for the latest proof.

That said, I like him better than the other idiots the Ds are running. Just don't get the idea that he's worth a darn or that he's on "our side" - everything he does is calculated to advance his personal interests. No shock there, he's a politician - and a decent one. He's done some good stuff for gun owners because he thought they'd back him - I'm willing to chance it, but I'm an R so I'll never have the chance to vote for him in the upcoming primary (and there's no way he'll beat the Hildabeast).

Smash the state - all these clowns (both sides) disgust me.

Anonymous said...



I've thought about Richardson, but if he carries a Glock I may have to re-think. *Snicker

The thing about Richardson is he has credibility with border security, if the Repubs put up Guilani or McCain (a Senator that is more than willing to violate the First two Amendments to the constitution. A fact that makes me wonder what else he would be willing to violate.)

Jay.Mac said...

It's a sad state of affairs when voters have to weigh up how badly a politician will break the constitution that he's supposedly swore to protect.

Anonymous said...

So when and where are the Boulder/Pike/whatever Forest Service public meetings and do you want us to show up?

Anonymous said...

McCain is a real, true-to-life Manchurian candidate. His hatred for basic American rights is scary. The Viets must have messed with his brain something fierce.