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You can check it out at!

First up is an expanded and re-edited version of my SIGARMS 556 report from SHOT. Over the next week we'llbe posting all the SHOT Show video into the Archives. I'm working on two Internet-exclusive video projects...Secrets of Carrying Pocket Pistols and Butt-Ugly Guns. Coming up behind those two is an evaluation of AR-platform electronic sights.

Obviously, this is a "beta" site, essentially a work in process. There are so many functions and features we have planned for the site that I figure it's a 6-month to a year build-out.

The most important element, though — a stable, flexible platform — is in place, thanks in large part to the efforts of my webmaster, Marshal Holloway (aka Kjell Heilevang..."Marshal" is his cowboy alias) and his Significant Other, Teresa, the Marshal'lette.

If you read the computer magazines, or WIRED, or spend a lot of time on Slash/Dot, you get the feeling that the Internet is a giant set of building blocks which, when easily assembled in the right way, will do anything. The reality is that the Internet is a huge "invent to order" frontier, where everything "sorta" works and "sorta" doesn't. Believe me, it has been a battle to get to the starting line!

Coming up over the next few months:
• User-supplied videos, a la YouTube
• Multiple "channels" for different interests and shooting sports
• Articles and columns from some of the top people in the business
• An incredible tool for clubs and matches ("invented" yesterday by Tequila, Richard Young!)
• Live Internet events, like the first one one coming iup in mid-March, the first Steel Challenge National Championships in Florida, sponsored by SIGARMS
• More and better videos...and you will see developments in the firearms industry here first (in fact, I'm in negotiations on two significant introductions that you'll see first only on DOWN RANGE!)

The GIVEAWAYS begin next week with the Bruce Gray custom SIGARMS GSR 1911...we're working this weekend on the "small print," like where you sign over your rights to your first borns and and Hollywood starlets you know to us.

I'd also like to give a thanks to the irrepressible Don Worsham for being the first person to sign up for the new DOWN RANGE Forums! Thanks, Bro!

Tell me what you want in a firearms site, and we'll do our best to give it to you...please keep in mind that my Sweetie will kill me if I post pictures of hotties (male or female) with guns...and she knows the compnation to the safe!

Thanks, guys!


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Mike, your new web site looks great!!! Good luck on the new project.

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My Name Is In Print!

How will I ever top this?

My name is in print!

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Wow. Video of 556 looks great. Much better than the previous auto-play version. Longer too. DRTV looks like my new favorite show.

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This is really goog stuff. The video popped up and worked and looked great. I planned for one of those long downloads with lots-o starts and stops but it didn't happen. Just one question, when will we see more?