Friday, February 16, 2007

Year of the Pig

Well, at first I was distraught, because I thought the Chinese were honoring Rosie O'Donnell...of course I came to my senses! yes, the Year of the Pig begins next week...actually, it began just after the November elections, but the Chinese are just catching up.

The Chinese geomancers and soothsayers aren't optimistic, however; this from Drudge:
Feng shui expert Raymond Lo said that according to ancient Chinese belief, the Year of the Pig is symbolised by two elements -- fire sitting on top of water.

"Fire sitting on water is a symbol of conflict and skirmish, and this may bring a relatively less peaceful year with more international conflicts and struggles," he said.

Lo said the last time such an arrangement appeared was in 2002, the year that followed the September 11 terrorist attacks.

"It is anticipated that there will be more international conflicts and disharmony, which will even lead to regional warfare, uprising and unrest, or the overthrow of governments in certain countries," he said.

The elemental arrangement for 2007, with fire standing on top, could represent openness, optimism and warmth, but it can also bring fire disasters and huge explosions, Lo said.
Stock up on ammo! Watch Jericho and take notes! BTW, I agree with Bitter that this first AWB is likely to fizzle. HOWEVER, I also believe that the Kennedy-Schumer-Pelosi-Feinstein Axis of Evil is right now trying to figure out how AWB II needs to be drafted to get it through the muck that is Congress. Yes, the Dem's attention is momentarily diverted in harpooning the War on Terror and guaranteeing that we'll see an American city light up in the next few years...that was the platform they ran on, wasn't it? Bring the troops...and the war...home?

And McCarthy may indeed be a Dem-dingbat who couldn't get a bill passed even if it was a Resolution in Support of Bunnies and Puppies, but not cosponsoring a bill is hardly a ringing "Here I Stand" statement from fellow Democrats. Hey, why haven't the pro-gun Dems spoken up, even saying something along the lines of, "Didn't we all agree not to a big stick into this particular hornets' nest?"

And you can bet that the Axis of Evil is closely watching D.C. and Real World response to LaDingbat's "float." Are we supposed to pretend that McCarthy didn't consult with the Dem power brokers before she filed the bill? Good lord, the Dems don't take a crap without clearing it with Teddy and Nancy!

I stand by my comments right after the elections: BUY BUY BUY!

You want an AK, get one now. I assume you've already got an AR (Sorry Bitter! Escape from D.C. and I'll hook you up!).

I think AKs and .50 BMGs are the most at risk, because I believe the industry and the culture will rally around the AR-15 much of the industry $$$ is now vested in in ARs — not the case when the first AWB sailed through. ARs are the best-selling rifle in America; more AR parts and accessories are sold than any other guns; ARs now own most rifle competitions; ARs have made the transition into the hunting fields, and not just varmints; the carbine is on the verge of becoming the primary home self-defense weapon...nobody is going to sell out the AR (he said hopefully).

I'd include the more exotic semis in the 'endangered" category...the FNH P90, the newly reintroduced AUG, the presently being born Masada, all the AK variants, the H-K and Uzi clones that have been trickling onto the market, etc.

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WHOA WHOA WHOA! What "newly introduced AUG" are we talking about and where can I get one?