Sunday, February 18, 2007

Brady's Happy Happy Happy!

This is from Brady's MySpace blog this afternoon:
Even Remington's top gun writer agrees on Assault Weapons

With important writers such as this on our side, it is clear that we have a cultural imperative to remove dangerous terrorist rifles from our streets, and our woods.
This is what happens when we give aid and comfort to the enemy! I'll bet Remington's PR people will be just happy as clams to see the great placement they got.


Anonymous said...

This bullshit has got to stop. Somebody please stick their foot up Zumbo's ass to the point that he actually does get it. Right now he's worried about losing his free hunts, sponsors and his job. I don't think that makes him feel any different about an AR. Hell, I bet he is already writing his "I just got back from my hunting trip with Ted and BOY WERE MY EYES OPENED" story. He can fill in the pesky details later. The pretending to understand can be written now.

Anonymous said...

Who had Feb. 18 at 11:11am in the pool? Speak up because you won the pot. You get the bonus for picking Brady and not VPC to run this first.

Anonymous said...


You failed to address the statements you made equating these weapons to those of "terrorist weapons". I am sorry but your retraction just does not cut it. You have single-handedly handed the gun-grabbers the info they need to move forward with their campaign to outlaw what is normally considered a lawful weapon. I am ashamed that by name dropping, you seem to thing that this will simply blow over and all will be forgiven. It will not. The damage is done and your word will forever haunt us: the lawful gun owner.

Just because you wave a flag and assist some soldiers, a patriot that does not make. The unpatriotic statements levied against you were founded in the remarks you made equating our soldiers to terrorists. Let me inform you that many of those that would take our Second Amendment rights from us, also wave the flag and support the fallen soldier. Do you think that by adding that remark you would endear yourself to the red-blooded, chest pounding Americans. I am sorry sir, but I see that as a blatant money grab to save yourself.

Mr. Zumbo, you are fully aware of what power your words can carry. Otherwise you would not have started blogging. So to backpeddal and say that your opinion was solely yours is useless drivel. As an employee your actions, whether intended or not, have an affect on your employer, more so because it is publicized by your employer. Now that they are aware of your statements, I wonder how many of them will continue to allow to spout off as a loose cannon. You have not only hurt the law abiding hunter, but you have hurt your employer, by severely affecting their bottom line.

Just by calling upon a "powerful" name to place you back in the good graces of the hunting public, I might suggest that you immediately pull your previous blog. While the damage may have been done, we do not need futures of gun-grabbers linking to it as a resource to their agenda, which you supposedly oppose. I would also suggest that you find a national media outlet and publicly apologize to those that you have harmed with your words. You have some serious spin control ahead of you sir, and sitting upon your hands will only make it worse.

In closing Mr. Zumbo I would like to see the publishers of this magazine, as well as yourself, make a hefty donation to a legal defense fund, for gun owners. Since you have placed our rights in peril with your momentary lapse of reasoning, it would only be fair to try and assist those that will be affected by your words.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall.

Anonymous said...

I suggest one better. Have ODL donate $10,000 to USPSA to help fund growth in the 3-Gun competition area. This would eb the Zumbo Fund and each year the National 3-gun champ with the best overall time gets $500 and the Zumbo Cup.

Anonymous said...

I responded to that MySpace blog in the hopes it would be posted we shall see. If it is not I will try to post it on my MySpace page.

Shawn Knight

Anonymous said...

Also note that the official Brady Blogger said:

"I certainly agree with your sentiments. There is no pressing need for optics that allow shooters to make sniper shots from over one hundred meters.

Posted by Brady Campaign on Sunday, February 18, 2007 at 2:11 PM"

As we all know, this is not just about so called "Assault Weapons". How any outdoor writer can miss this fact is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

This is tantamount to when Jimmy the Greek, Rush Limbaugh or any number of Pro Sports figures say Blacks don't have the __________ to compete in ___________.

This is UN. BE. LEEVABLE!!! How a professional writer could be so obtuse as to fall for the divide and conquer strategy is dumbfounding! The Brady Campaign has already seized on his editorial (and you can bet they won't be publicising his retraction)

He has single handedly given more ammunition to the anti's than if Charlston Heston denounced his NRA membership!

Mr. Zumbo... I ask you kindly and with all due respect, get yourself a medical checkup to see if there are any signs of dementia. I find it unbelievable someone of your stature in the shooting community could pull something that stupid without something being biologically amiss.

And going hunting with Sweaty Teddy and AR's is your idea of an apology? I do hope you have money put aside to feed your wife. I have a feeling NObody will be sponsoring or supporting you soon. I know I will not buy or watch anything with the word Zumbo in it for a very long time.

This cannot be a momentary lapse of reason. There are time lapses between ideas... writings... presentation... editing and printing. You could have come to your sense at any time. So we must believe that those were truly your thoughts and beliefs and as such, I urge you... stop writing immediately.

Do no more damage to the cause for the 2nd amendment or your own little interest of hunting... the 2nd amendment isn't about hunting you ninny! To cal for outlawing AR's in the field???

I... I... I don't know what to say to that. To not understand what your statements would bring you, brings me back to my point... get to the doctor as soon as you can and for all our sakes, maybe you can stop the progress of whatever ails you.

Anonymous said...

Do you people realize that the "brady blogger" site was a hoax by a progun person! Yes it is true. A hoax that got out of control but it had NOTHING to do with the actual Brady Center. Read this: