Sunday, February 18, 2007

Serious Stuff — The Jim Zumbo "Defection"

Oh, and its a hollow feelin' when

It comes down to dealin' friends
It never ends
— The Eagles
"Tequila Sunrise"

So a couple of days after Carolyn McCarthy introduces the first of what we all fear will be many new Assault Weapons Bans (AWB) in the House of Representatives, one of our own sells us out.

This from Outdoor Life columnist and Outdoor Channel personality Jim Zumbo's HUNTING WITH JIM ZUMBO blog, dating 16 February 2007. I'm going to print his entire post for you to read:
Assault Rifles For Hunters?

As I write this, I'm hunting coyotes in southeastern Wyoming with Eddie Stevenson, PR Manager for Remington Arms, Greg Dennison, who is senior research engineer for Remington, and several writers. We're testing Remington's brand new .17 cal Spitfire bullet on coyotes.

I must be living in a vacuum. The guides on our hunt tell me that the use of AR and AK rifles have a rapidly growing following among hunters, especially prairie dog hunters. I had no clue. Only once in my life have I ever seen anyone using one of these firearms.

I call them "assault" rifles, which may upset some people. Excuse me, maybe I'm a traditionalist, but I see no place for these weapons among our hunting fraternity. I'll go so far as to call them "terrorist" rifles. They tell me that some companies are producing assault rifles that are "tackdrivers."

Sorry, folks, in my humble opinion, these things have no place in hunting. We don't need to be lumped into the group of people who terrorize the world with them, which is an obvious concern. I've always been comfortable with the statement that hunters don't use assault rifles. We've always been proud of our "sporting firearms."

This really has me concerned. As hunters, we don't need the image of walking around the woods carrying one of these weapons. To most of the public, an assault rifle is a terrifying thing. Let's divorce ourselves from them. I say game departments should ban them from the praries and woods.
Certainly Jim — a man who, up until this column, I considered my friend and colleague — is entitled to both have and speak his own opinion...that is the nature of the First Amendment. At least Jim seems to approve of that one!

But the fact is that Jim is arguably the most influential hunting writer in the world, and his column, coming on the heels of the introduction of a new AWB — however unlikely this one is to become law — throws down a gauntlet to state agencies and to hunters in general...join Jim in stepping across the line to side with the McCarthys, the Bradys, the Schumers, or stay with the defenders of the Second Amendment and the right to keep and bear arms.

By calling for the ban of "black rifles" in the hunting fields, where they are gaining huge popularity, my former friend and colleague has changed sides. He does so out of far-too-proud ignorance — "I must be living in a vacuum" — and a breathtaking arrogance — "As hunters, we don't need the image of walking around the woods carrying one of these weapons."

What image would you like to project, Jim? That of an out-of-touch, former sportsman wondering aloud why guns don't look like they used to...even though they use the same mechanisms? And how are you going to feel, Jim, when your words are read into the Congressional Record or used by Brady or the Violence Policy Center to continue to destroy our right to keep and bear arms? Is that what you want your "legacy" to be...Jim Zumbo — He Killed a Lot of Animals While Helping to Get Guns Banned!

You threw down your gauntlet, Jim, now let me throw down mine:

Apologize. Now, not later.

Or reap the whirlwind, brother!


Anonymous said...

Well, it's nice to see that ignorance won't stop one from weighing in with their expert opinion. Does Zumbo know anybody that is an expert in these types of firearms? Maybe somebody at The Outdoor Channel? Maybe somebody that hosts a show? Maybe a show called Shooting Gallery? If only there were somebody that a guy like Zumbo could call to get brought up to speed on new trends.

Unix-Jedi said...

So, he's out shooting coyotes (just to kill them, he's not going to eat them).

And shooting Prarie Dogs, which again, he's just killing to kill....

And *I* have a PR problem for using a AK-derivative to hunt whitetails?

Anonymous said...

Looking into my crystal ball I see change in the future. I see fewer advertisers on a show hosted it isn't clear. Oh, here it is. The host is Jim Zumbo.

Anonymous said...

Hunting With Dumbo. How appropriate. When will we learn to NOT shoot ourselves in the foot.

Alcibiades said...

That foolish sniper. Always walking around in the wilderness sniping poor, defenseless animals with his evil, scoped, bolt/pump/lever-action, rapid-fire sniper rifle.


Dave Markowitz said...

Zumbo's corrosive, elitist, arrogant, and ignorant comments read like a press release from the Violence Policy Center.

Benjamin Franklin said, "We must hang together, gentlemen...else, we shall most assuredly hang separately." His advice is especially true for gun owners and sportsmen today. Antigunners have beaten their drum so loudly for so long that there is no such thing as a politically correct firearm. Mr. Zumbo may not be aware, but the wood-stocked bolt actions that he feels should be used for hunting are going to be vilified as “high power sniper rifles” next if the antis get their way. There isn't too much difference between a Remington Model 700 Varmint model and a 700 PSS, after all.

Anonymous said...

Wow, over 2000 comments on his post with about 95% + taking him to task. This may be the biggest blog swarm the gun blogs have ever seen.


Anonymous said...

Hey MIKE, I think there's going to be an opening on the OUTDOOR CHANNEL.
"I proudly own AR's and support everyones right to do so!

What makes me sick is how quickly people on the internet have called to boycott Remington. All Jim said was he was hunting with our people! This is normal course in our industry. How else do people think we field test? with writers.

Remington has spent tens of millions of dollars to defend your rights and how quickly the thanks is threat and boycott! Please feel Free to post that remington does not agree with Zumbo in any way shape or form and we will assess our relationship with him accordingly.

Tommy Millner
CEO and President"

Anonymous said...

He's got an apology up now.

Anonymous said...

Yah. He's in CYA mode right now. Maybe he's sincere, but I doubt it. He sounds like the elitist duck hunter that went along with the "assault weapon" ban because it didn't effect HIM. Well, you shit in the punch bowl, they throw you out of the party, even if your feet did hurt and it was windy. Let Remington and his other sponsors DUMP HIM and we won't boycott THEM. For penance, Dumbo has to hunt EXCLUSIVELY with a 1918 BAR for the next year and hump it himself. No gun bearer.

Anonymous said...

Jim can apologize till he's blue in the face, but those of us that believe in the RTKBA will spend years undoing the damage he's done with one stupid blog. We're going to be hearing echos of his words for at least the next 6 years. And, since he wants to be divorced from a terrorists like me, I divorce myself from him and all who associate with him. Are you listening Remington? Act soon or the new light weight hunting rifle (or should that be "high power terrorist sniper rifle that can shoot down airplanes") that I'm planning on buying will NOT be a Mountain LSS like I was planning on.

Anonymous said...

What Zumbo did to Zumbo is sad, what Zumbo did to American gun owners is inexcusable, but what Zumbo did to Remington is a very unfortunate and undeserved backlash.
I'm glad to see you're on this early, but you need to realize that when you put Zumbo on a "Remington" trip, Zumbo identifies his blog disaster as the result of that Remington trip, and he's writing it from "Remington Country" (plastered quite visibly on the blog site), then you've bought & paid for at least a part of the result.
Most of us are capable of recognizing that Remington would never condone such statements, and don't hold Remington responsible.
But, many will not divorce the two names that will stick together on this one for a long time- Zumbo & Remington.
I hope you'll take every opportunity to get the word out that, in this case, Zumbo does NOT speak for Remington in any manner, shape, or form.
Good luck.
Denis Prisbrey

Cowboy Blob said...

Great minds think alike. I p-shopped a similar graphic for my blog, except that I didn't add the "Powered by the Brady Campaign." As far as I'm concerned, he's still powered by Outdoor Life and Remington. I'll conduct my own business accordingly... until they "assess their relationship" accordingly.

Anonymous said...

42 years of writing about guns have left him this ignorant?

42 years of reading his opinions have left us all exactly the same.

He better have one hell of a long writing career, if he wants to make up for that. And he better include the "...shall not infringe" part in his writing this time too!

Anonymous said...

This is typical of Outdoor Life. They know nothing about firearms beyond the standard hunting rifle or shotgun. Everything else is foreign and to be ignored. They ran a survey one time in their pub and the result said that sime high percentage of readers thought that there was no sporting use for an "assault rifle" (not sure of the exact wording). ODL does not care until they find themselves in a firestorm of controversy.

Pawpaw said...

Damn nice of Jim to post a list of his sponsors. I'm going to be writing all of them tomorrow.

Jim Zumbo called me a terrorist and I don't take that lightly.

I've already written Remington and told them that I trust them to do the right thing and dump Zumbo posthaste.

Anonymous said...

Personally there is no way this bozo can be trusted again. He needs to retire or do the honorable thing locking himself in a room with a luger and 1 round then procede to remove himself from the gene pool.

Mr Bane like you said it's time to choose sides boys and girls. Kapos and Quislings are not gonna be popular.

BigBlk said...

What really stinks is that now he's published his comment, it can be quoted from now to eternity. It doesn't matter how many apologies he makes, those apologies won't be what the Anti-gun folks use in their own campaigns; it'll be Mr. Zumbo's original comments.

Anonymous said...

Well, the Zumbo blog was just shut down due to the incredible number of white hot postings from pissed-off gun owners, and AR owners in particular. Great move! Instead of encouraging their displeased subscribers and viewers to use the blog to vent their anger at Zumbo's incredibly stupid anti-gun comments, they've made the decision to substantially piss them off even more by silencing their opinions! Someone deserves a promotion!

Anonymous said...

Remington has done the right thing and canned Dumbo! They can count on MY continued support!!

Anonymous said...

It is bad enough that Dumbo had to call me a terrorist. What is worse is Outdoor Life pretty much said it was his right to speak his mind. However, now that sportsmen are speaking their minds, the blog is shut down. So he has his right to free speech but we don't. Doesn't that smack as censorship?

Anonymous said...

Remington stepped up and did the right thing in a very swift manner.
Now it is Cablea's, Mossy Oak, Swarovski,Gerber Cutlery,Stoney Point Products, Hi mountain Seasoning, Safari Club International and last but not least Outdoor Life and Outdoor Channel. Maybe the Outdoor channel can do an AR-15 show in place of Jim Zumbo Outdoors.

Anonymous said...

Remingtons first reply was pathetic. He was bitchy, slow, and waffling. When your business is going down the tubes, you had better respond promptly and decisively. The CEO did neither.

Anonymous said...

I do believe he has reaped the whirlwind. In fact, he's got himself a full-on F5 tornado!

Anonymous said...

There is no doudt the antis will use this to there advantage. Remington should not be punished for his dumb ass coments. I hope no one lets him write in any sporting mag again. Remington is smart to distance them selfs from him. I own Remington arms and enjoy hunting with them and will continue to support them.

Anonymous said...

Open letter to Zumbo:
Dear Mr. Zumbo,
You suck. I hunt extensively, I also collect & shoot "assault rifles" extensively. Sometimes both of the aforementioned activities occur at the same time, with the same firearm. I am no terrorist, nor am I a traitor to our Constitution.
Can you say the same?

Anonymous said...

Looks like zumbo is gaining support from his anti following.,19912,1591915,00.html

Anonymous said...

Jumbo is most certainly entitled to his opinion. That right is called free speech. In that spirit, owning whatever type, style, design firearm a person desires is likewise a right...the right to keep and bear arms...I personally do not own or use any so-called assault-genre firearms, but I will defend to the death your right to do so...I will use my 1100 12 ga wood stocked street sweeper to keep the liberals from out-flanking you!

Anonymous said...

i hunt!!! and think that if you are a responsible outdoorsman you shold be able to own one which i do. but as outdoorsman we should ptactice fair chase.the use of these weapons have no place in the woods save them for your gun for me i bow rifle and black powder hunt .in the words of tred barta do it the hard way

Anonymous said...

So now that this dustup is settling, we ask for dark underlying motivations. What if this wasn't just a brainfart on Zumbo's part ? Two alternatives come to my mind:

1. he was trying to provoke exactly the response he got. Good man. Why would he want to do that ? What purpose is served by producing evidence of how the shooting public feels about our right to bear whatever arms we choose ? This leads to:

2. the rich comfortable mainstream of the US shooting community (I'm thinking of fellas with $2000 trap guns, you can think of the Lexus-and-canned-hunts crowd) including their representatives within the NRA leadership are having incontinence problems at the prospect of a double-barreled Democratic Congress running amuck and the three witches Feinstein Pelosi and Clinton coming in the night to squeeze their balls while plundering their gun safes.

Well, don't worry, men, we'll protect you. You may be the same kind of spineless riffraff that's facilitated oppression throughout human history, but you should have the same freedom to exercise your unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness at more than 2500 fps that we do. I hear drycleaning is best for soiled worsted wool, and urine comes out of Italian leather if you dry it quickly, in case you need advice in that area.

I note that said double-barreled Dem Congress has just emitted its first, easy-to-anticipate yelp in this year's round of the Great Attempt to Ban Satanic Assault Weapons, HR1022 sponsored by that poor creature Carolyn McCarthy. While the text is not available yet, we do ask ourselves whether the "leadership" of the US shooting community is mustering their usual fortitude and weighing the costs and benefits of reaching some accomodation with the gun banners which let them keep their Sunday toys and get rid of those crazies with milspec weapons who make them kind of nervous anyway. They talk about guns being for overthrowing the established order, but since the leadership is firmly entrenched in the established order, does that mean them, too ? Woo hoo, hold on there we might have to rethink this.

Was the Zumbo post a float of a position of retrenchment to the redoubt in the face of fearsome Democratic aggression ? We can't do any better...

It seems like the mainstream gun culture is greatly concerned with its ability to get it up, as evinced by the number of ads for erectile dysfunction curatives in its publications. Maybe if they were less worried about getting it up and more concerned with identifying a course of appropriate, and principled, action, designed first not to maintain membership headcount and revenue but to protect the firearms-related interests of all US citizens, they might be more effective in dealing with the antigun forces. We'll be waiting for you to join us if you get to that point, fellas.

Anonymous said...

I'm finished supporting any sporting goods company or other organization, publisher, etc that coninues to support Zumbo!

He's finished. He's betrayed his heritage in a traitorous manner. He's done, and we are done with him!

Anonymous said...

"Sorry, folks, in my humble opinion, these things have no place in hunting."

I find it amusing that a group of people who always like to point to the constitution as the vehicle expressly giving them the right to guns would throw someone under the train after using HIS constitutional right to free speech.

Stop wondering why people view some of you as single minded kooks. Nailing Jim to the cross for POSTING HIS OPINION makes you look unreasonable and hypocritical.

Anonymous said...

So, Mr. Bane. You have a lot of gall to call yourself a friend of Mr. Zumbo. One comment that you don't agree with, and he's now an EX-friend. "With friends like you, who needs enemies." Perhaps you should examine your own integrity.

Anonymous said...

I have shot many AR's and once owned a piece of crap SKS, but only shot them for fun, not hunting. Personally, if I entered a deer camp with someone slinging an AR or AK, I would leave.

Call me a traditionalist, but you guys are sad and hysterical. Give Zumbo a break and don't fall for the boycott propaganda crap put out by the NRA.

John Galt said...

Can someone explain to me why I need an AR or Ak, designed to kill other men, to hunt Prairie Dogs? Just exactly how many holes do you have to put in a Praire Dog to kill it, or is there anything left that even looks like a Prairie Dog left to consider?
As for Mr Zumbo; when is expressing ones opinion cost the support of a friends, or were they ever friends to begin with. Perhaps we need to bring back the Tommy Gun, and BAR and kill those Prairie Dogs proper like!!

Anonymous said...

I am ashamed of the hunting community as a whole, and I have been in the industry for many years, spending a good amount of time with Jim at various functions, Shot Shows and AMO shows in the past, as well as publishing Outdoors hunting and shooting magazines, it is a shame, the hunting and gun owning community don't understand, the anti-gun crowd won't beat us, but we ourselves will be our own demise..Jim, didn't advocate taking your guns away, he posted comments to the fact, we in fact need to police ourselves, look at it from the anti hunting groups perspective, Billy Bob shows up in the field, dressed in Camo, Face paint, Jacked up Ford f 350 with Mudders and jumps out with his AK for a fun filled day of Hunting! Not the most positive image in the world, but this is where the main stream media focuses..before you chastise a fellow hunter, take a look at your own image and say what are you doing to further the positive image this sport needs so much!

Anonymous said...

Holy cow you guys are ignorant. You dont need to kill an animal with an assault weapon. Its called over kill. Way to go jim!!!

Anonymous said...

When Jim wrote his first outdoor story in 1962 I was 20 years old. Since then I have read most of what he has written and watched all of his hunts on the different TV shows. I looked up to him as one of the most knowledgeable persons in the outdoor field. I feel sorry for him but there's NO excuse for what he said , it's not like he blurted it out in a interview on radio or TV he had plenty of time to think and re-read what he had written but he chose not to. So for that you deserve what you get . Sorry Jim , but that's the way I feel and I'll bet there are a lot like me who feel the same. You had the BEST job in the world and you let your thoughts screw you out of it. Have a good retirement.

Anonymous said...

Dumbo, neither of you should apologize. Those weapons were designed for one purpose. If these clowns are in such a sweat to use them, see your Army or Marine recruiter. Get you asses over to Iraq.

If you need an assualt rifle to protect you from prarie dogs, you must now be a that good of a shot.

Anonymous said...

You guys don't have to apologize. If these "guys" want to fire assualt weapons, there is a place made for it...just see your Army/Marine recruiter. Try Iraq..oh thats right, its not like banging away at a prarie dog...over there they shoot back.
Must be a lot of poor shots out there that need assualt weapons agains prarie dogs...they can be dangerous. And as for Outdoor Life you can bite it. I'll never buy one of you rags again..such loyality lol You too Remington Arms, bite me

Anonymous said...

Jim Zumbo is obviously defending hunting. If I saw some guy hunting with an AK I would avoid that person. That's just a sign that this guy thinks he is some sort of action hero in a movie and is likely to hurt himself. You don't need an AK to kill an animal. You are not engaged in trench warfare with deer. The more hunting is used as a defense for assault rifles the less legitimate that defense of firearms becomes.

He is defending safe, sane hunting. The best way to avoid gun control is to arm like a legitimate hunter and not look like a bunch of delusion, trigger-happy nut cases who think they are going to fight the viet-cong.


Anonymous said...

I agree that Jim crossed the line in lumping assault rifle owners with terrorists, but it amazes me that his expressing the opinion that there is no place for assault rifles in hunting has elicited the rabid type of response it has. What a bunch of hypocrites we are if we assail the anti-gun public for wishing to restrict our rights, yet when a steadfast hunter and one of our own makes an understandable error and apologizes for it we are ready to throw him to the wolves.

Shame on us for bowing to the pressure and taking the easy and cowardly way out. It should be taken it as an opportunity to create a forum for more constructive dialogue on this subject, because it does need to be aired. The fact is, there are many people on both sides of the hunting lobby that agree in general with the view of Zumbo. I personally question the need for anyone to own assault rifles for the purpose of hunting, yet am a staunch advocate of gun ownership (consider the terminology - there is a reason why they are called assault rifles - are we out there to assault our prey?). The view that seems to be most widely taken is that there can be NO possible restriction in firearms. So I guess I can show up in West Texas this year with a Gatling gun and nobody should care...I understand the fear that any restriction can lead to a total restriction, but frankly find that argument weak and selfish. However, I am open to others views and am glad I live in a country which leaves me free to express my own.

Anonymous said...

I think he(JZ)said it best by being out of touch. The "assault" style weapons being used for varmint hunting are not your "off the rack" AR's, but usually high dollar, finely tuned weapons. The fact it may hold a 20rnd clip (not practical for varmints) is a non-issue. Most people use 5rnd clips (about as many rnds as a good bolt action varmint rig will hold). These are not spray and pray set-ups, but one shot wonders (1/2"@100yrds) if you do your part. Yes, a Les Baer will set you back a few, but there are cheaper alternatives. Maybe Zumbo was unaware, but a little research should have put him on track before his current derailment. I do quite a bit of hunting, and have yet to see anyone carrying an AR around for large game. And clip size would be restricted by state game laws. Also(around here, anyway).223 is not legal for big game, vermin only. I appears some posters are just as un-informed JZ, but there is always hope.

Anonymous said...

WHAT PART ABout him calling AR owners and users TERRORISTS did you miss???
What part of him calling them TERRORIST WEAPONS did you miss?

I spent over 28 years in police work. I carried and used one of those TERRORIST guns on my job for quite a while.
He has called every military person and LE person a TERRORIST in a beautifully Orwellian application of guilt by association.

I am not a terrorist but I have been labeled as such by a man who admittedly knows nothing on the subject, yet at the same time is considered the voice of MILLIONS.
THAT is wrong and he should have known better.
Now he feels sorry for himself because he has lost his free hunting trips and elbow rubbing with the other shooting elite who pay for a life style we could only dream of. In a life time dedicated to hunting and shooting and firearms it is only willful ignorance that keeps someone such as him from being aware of the culture he supposedly is to report on and for which he is to be a voice. One can only wonder what kind of fun he and his companions had over the late night fire as they sucked down their Napolean Brandy and scofffed at the little people.
He didn't want to know because it would remove his position of superiority where only folks who hunt his way can be right. After all he was the world recognized and highly paid expert, not them.

Anonymous said...

Michael , Michael , Michael .

I can't believe what you said . My former friend . Just because he spoke his personal thoughts and he put them down on paper you have elected to halt what I assume was a long time friendship with a man who has done more for the sport of hunting then you could ever do. I don't agree nor do I disagree with what he said but for the way he's being treated today for what he said the other day "SUCKS" He now knows that what he said was wrong through the eyes of many hunters and sportsmen but I for one will still think of him as a great writer and hunter who said one thing wrong in his life . Like you or anyone else hasn't we all make mistakes in our lifes .
God Bless Jim Zumbo

Anonymous said...

If only Remington made an civilan AR/AK platform rifle, Jim would of had a 5 round Cabela's mag, steadying a Swarovski optic on a stoney point bi-pod, in Mossy Oak cammy jammies, jawin'on High Mt. jerky while waiting to field dress his prey and garrRUNTEED keeping his personal opinions to himself...and we all could of watched/read about it OLN...........................
I blame Remington for his blog comments(sarcasm)

Anonymous said...

Jim Zumbo screwed up and now he has to pay the piper. I am not in total support of this. He might have made a judgement error. We all have our beliefs. I really don't think it should have been so severe. No one was Bitchin' all the years he was saying what they "Remington & NRA" wanted. I am a Life member of the NRA, NWTF and other organizations . I am a hunter , fisherman, gunsmith and conservationist. I don't agree with Zumbo and would probably have a heated debate over it with him if we met. BUT I don't think he should have be abandoned by everyone like has happened. Maybe his employer should have sat him down and discussed it before ending there longtime association as well as Remington. Hell Time Warner who he worked for is as anti-gun as they come. It just so happens to own a pro gun and hunting magazine that is quite successful. money and greed that is the problem here. It is the old adage "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR ME LATELY" No need to say anything further!

Anonymous said...

Should I embrace/re-embrace Jim Zumbo or look down on him like he would of me as a fellow sportsman/hunter in HIS venue using one of those "terrorist" profile firearms?

podunk said...

Zumbo got what he deseved. Reap what you sew. He had every right to say what he said. But we have every right to respond the way that we did. And we will do so to any one else who stabes us in the back.
I have the so called black guns and I am also a avid hunter. And no I dont use my AR's to go out and shoot a deer or elk. I use either a mod. 70 win .338 for elk and my mod, 700 rem 308 for deer. I have met Mr. Zumbo once he lives near me. And I never thought he would stab the 2nd in the back. The damage is done and if he wants redemtion let it be through defending the 2nd. Not by going on his canned hunts and writing his articals on these so called hunts. No more high $ sponsors. An attack on any gun is an attack on all. Let the fall of Zumbo be a lesson to any other anti gunner in our midst for thay can fall to the same fate.

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow, Lewis Libby will be convicted, the start of SEVERAL treason trials against Cheney and ultimately, Bush.

Maybe some of you gun wackos will off yourself in protest...


God Bless America and its JUSTICE system!!!

Arn Gunnutes

Anonymous said...

Jim Zumbo has the luxury of playing the elite woodclubs, riding around on camo-colored rascal scooters with a guide caddy that reaches from an multi- assortment of irons & balls to play a particular prey, unlike those that are limited to "public courses" who probably only have few multi-purpose irons.....woodclubs vs. public courses. Yep, no wonder he's living in a vacuum, just like G.Bush Sr was awed @ a grocery store bar code scanner....
Our world frightens them.

Anonymous said...

Once again, the NRA proves that the only constitutional right they believe in is the right to keep and bear arms. As for Mr. Zumbo's right to free speech, well fuck that, he must be made to pay for his free speech. NRA and swiftboaters.........first cousins.

Anonymous said...

Wow. It is amazing how many people can negatively respond to an exercise in freedom of speech. Frankly, people who result to virulent personal attacks usually cannot conjure up any intelligent words to get their point of view across. Lambasting Zumbo’s viewpoints, a clear example of the 1st Amendment, while they vehemently declare the supremacy of the 2nd Amendment reeks of irony. Zumbo did not advocate a policy change and it is irrelevant to this argument whether there should be one or not. However, it is wrong that all of his sponsors abandoned him because of pressure from unreasonable and hateful readers. I feel that this is a clear example of a fringe group, assault weapon proponents, further alienating the public. Instead of entering into a thoughtful dialogue, this group has made themselves look like a bunch of zealots and the sponsors now look like they endorse the viewpoints of this group. It’s such a shame when mob rule denounces and penalizes free speech. I do not believe that a well-regulated militia needs AK-47's. That's what the armed forces are for, in case you forgot. READ THE CONSTITUTION SOMETIME!

herbharry said...

Individual’s, like Jim Zumbo, who are spokesmen for sportsmen, hunters, gun owners, and others who believe in the Constitution and specifically the 2nd Amendment have an obligation to understand the tactics of the anti-gunners, anti-hunters, and anti-sportsmen. They are trying to divide us into small camps. They use misinformation, such as referencing all semi-automatic weapons as “automatic weapons”, use of the phase “assault rifles”, and “cop killer” ammunition to try to divide us. They try to place wedges between gun hunters and bow hunters. They are trying to drive wedges between gun owners interested in hunting and gun owners interested in personal protection.

Jim Zumbo’s unforgivable sin is his ignorance of their tactics. He validated their deceptive language. He validated their view of sportsmen and gun owners as terrorists and wacko’s. And finally, he bought into their argument that AR15s and other such weapons are weapons only used to kill people. His comments immediately divided us. His comments validated deceptive and intellectually dishonest arguments concerning the use of these weapons. He gave the anti-gunners ammunition to hurt those interested in protecting our right to bear arms.

He demonstrated that he cannot and should not be our spokesperson. For that reason he must be swiftly and decisively punished. It is sad that his career must end in this manner, but necessary if we are going to remain strong and vigilant. In his retirement, he should look upon this as his final contribution to our cause, “the right to bear arms.” From his mistake and ignorance he has reminded that this is a complicated battle that can be won only if the community of hunters, gun owners, and sportsmen stick together. His comments have reminded us of the anti-gun tactics. We need to recognize that we can’t engage in battles among ourselves. We need to accept our differences (bowhunters v. gun hunters; AR15s v. traditional rifles; muzzle loaders v. traditional rifles, etc.) and recognize that ultimately we are fighting for the same thing, the right to bear arms and the right to choose our arms.nh

Anonymous said...

re: Jim Zumbo,

Shhhhh...Do you hear that? That low, rumbling sound...? It's ol' Jack O'Connor, rolling over in his grave.. (actually he was cremated, and his ashes are resting in sheep country...) But you get my point.
Methinks you doth protest too much, and deep inside, just like with Barry Goldwater, "You know he's (Zumbo's) right.." What?" You never heard of Barry? Well, that solidifies my opinion that the majority of you are 30-something, and really lack the traditional respect for the great sport of hunting, and confuse it with shooting. The two are separate activities, albeit many fellows enjoy both. Both discharge firearms, but in different venues. Some or both may indeed have what my Dad called, "Hunting manners", today referred to as "ethics". BUT, for this old swamp rat, there is something intrinsically "unethical" about being afield with a 30-shot clip, "automatic", military, people-killer rifle. But then, I feel the same way about those yahoos who "hunt" while astride a screaming snowmobile or ATV. Unethical, and inadequate.
The traditional sport of Hunting may well be going the way of music...We once had the Big Band sound...Now, we have Rap. We used to have hunters, now we have the shooters...Time wounds all heels...
Jim Nichols

Anonymous said...

To [Jim Nichols]a poster above me,
Duh,You must hunt on Xbox, where are you allowed to legally hunt with a 30 round mag, or do so from a vehicle?...Mag capacity is restricted like w/ any centerfire cartridge semi auto (usually 5 rounds)....either just a on-line Buckmasters gamer or another narrow minded FUDD

Anonymous said...

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation members need to evaluate the position they have taken in regard to Jim Zumbo - this is an organization that claimss to support the shooting sports industry--dah--what did I see at the recent Reno National Event - Remington, Gerber,Mossey Oak, etc--(you get the picture-the organizations that will no longer endorse JZ)and I did believe each company position as it was posted--are they going to continue to have booths at an event that does not have the same principle? I believe that we are entering our last hold on retaining our arms for sport and for protection--these organizations must be willing to either stand or be "ousted" by those of us that want our freedoms preserved as the Constition states. I intend to contact each company and see how strong their "stand" for our freedoms are - I DO NOT WANT TO SUPPORT THESE ORGANIZATIONS THAT DO NOT HAVE THE VALUES WE HAVE FOR OUR FREEDOMS, and this will also include the companies that endorsed JZ unless they respond in a positive way to the RMEF position.

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of Dumbos out there, but I don't think it's Zumbo. He did not call for a 'ban' on black weapons, but stated that he did not think that sportsmen needed to carry them into the field, promoting the image that they carry as weapons on not sporting rifles.

Anyone who reads it differently than that, is reading what they want to see, and not what was stated. But then again, I agree with Zumbo, and although I have hunting and shooting for over 55 years do not own a "black" gun on any kind.

Anonymous said...

It's not that he says black guns shouldn't be used for hunting. It's the fact that he says 'black guns' are terrorist weapons!

Is it just me, or do our troops carry AR-15s? Rather M-16s. Does that make them and our government terrorists?

And I'm sorry, but I'd rather have an AR or AK in my hands when I'm defending myself from a criminal or foreign soldier than a 'sporting' bolt gun.

Anonymous said...

I'm just getting caught up with what's been going on with Zumbo. I am a former professional hunting guide and have hunted with some of the biggest names in the business. I've met Zumbo on a couple of occasions. An outfitter I worked with is a dear friend of his. But maybe most importantly I've been reading articles and stories by Jim Zumbo my whole life. Without a doubt he was a major influence in my pursuit of a career in the outdoors.
Guys...leave him alone. He's done more for gun rights, and hunter's rights, than all of you put together. He's allowed a mistake, even a bad one. Zumbo's no spring chicken and he had been out hunting all day and wrote the blog in question when he was very tired, and it went live unedited. Why don't we all remember the 40+ years he's served our firearm and hunting community and give him a break?

Jim, I'm still your friend.

Anonymous said...

Even though I would never consider useing any type of "assault" rifle
for any purpose,except to hang on the wall..I would hope all of us would stand behind his right to say what his feelings are..I personally think any "fireable"
assaualt rifle should be banned and it should have NO bearing on our right to "own and bear arms"..
Everett Morley

Anonymous said...

what is your definition of an assault rifle? So called "assult rifles" are semi-automatic, no different than the 12 guage you hunt ducks with or the 30-06 for deer. An ak can also hold a 5 round clip. What's the difference?

Anonymous said...

WOW! hope we will be seeing some AR-15 hunting show's soon, how about all those hunts in africa and foriegn countries where jim's guides might have carried M-16, ak-47's or FN/FAL to cover his butt from dangerous game.
Think he ever told them he does'nt approve of their use.
Hey jim, if you read this Im a hunter and police officer who uses his personal Colt LE6920 AR-15 "semi-automatic rifle" for hunting coyote and varmints, along with carrying it for the purpose to protect and serve (not terrorize).
They are not "assault rifles" nor "terroist rifles" they are "semi-automatic rifles" and they are very universal rifles ask some of our disabled hunters if they need to use "semi automatic rifles" for humane follow up shots,or if that pistol grip helps cause they only have one arm to hold a gun with.
I could go on but not going too because in the end you hurt the people who supported you learned from you and bought your products , now the anit-gunners,anti-hunters will quote you forever, but they won't support you, learn from you or buy your products.

Anonymous said...

for those who dont know....people that hunt with so called "assault rifles" by law have to use a five round magizine and usally equip them with a scope, they are no different than any other semi auto rifle except for the way they look.
ak-47 round (7.62x39) is a .30 caliber bullet with comparable ballistics to that of the good old 30-30 which is acceptable for deer.
AR-15 round is (5.56x45) or .223 caliber not good for deer but a good varmint round and other so called assault rifles like M1A,FAL,CETME,G3 are (7.62x51) or .308 caliber, which is good all around caliber for deer,elk and maybe moose. you hunters should know this stuff, there semi automatic rifles, just like a remington 7600, ruger mini 30 and mini-14,they just look different.
Mr. Zumbo needs to be brought up to speed about this stuff, rather then hunting different animals with the same weapon try hunting with different weapons.

Anonymous said...

responding to "Jay's" comments above re: we are trouncing on JZ's right to free speech with this opposition:
This position irks me. When someone says something that a group of people disagree with, they respond letting that person and that person's supporters know. That is not a restriction of the originator's 1st amendment rights. Instead, not letting people respond would be a violation of THEIR 1st amendment rights. I don't believe that anyone on this blog has advocated having Jim Zumbo put in prison, sentenced to death, or even sued in civil court. They are simply voicing their displeasure, which is again, the heart of their 1st amendment rights.

The first amendment both guarantees Jim Zumbo's right to say anything, no matter how stupid or idiotic, as well as it provides the same guarantees to those who oppose him. The 1st amendment also does not guarantee that you won't experience the ramifications of what you say, even by losing your job if you piss off your boss or customers.

Long live the Bill of Rights!

Rich Lucibella said...

We don't know each other, though I pop in to review your excellent Blog entries from time to time.

Zumbo is a sportsman, but that doesn't mean he's a gun expert. Yes, he stepped on his privates....hard and twice. I think it has made him truly aware of the battle that rages and the fact that "our" black rifles are the first line of political defense for his "traditional rifles".

I think Jim has experienced an awakening, thanks to the events and a challenge from my Editor, Denny Hansen. I have just completed a 3 day Tactical Carbine course with Pat Rogers that Zumbo was challenged to attend. He did and I can tell you this after shooting alongside the man for that time:

- After 40 years of promoting the hunting sports, Zumbo was devastated by the way his comments were used by the Protect a Felon crowd.

- Zumbo obviously has little to no experience with the AR platform (or the 1911), though he's an amazingly quick study and an unbelievably good shot.

- Jim Zumbo has awakened to the fact that there is little difference between a Perazzi and an 870, a Remington 700 and an AR-15. And he's aware that there are those who would separate the individuals that shoot these two groups of firearms.

Jim will be ruminating on his experience at this class for S.W.A.T. magazine in a soon-to-be-released issue, but this is not the point. May this be the first step in his return to the public eye.

Again, yes, he stepped on his private parts...hard....twice. As have we all. It's what he makes of that enormous blunder that counts. My money is on Jim Zumbo!

Rich Lucibella
S.W.A.T. Magazine

Unknown said...

I agree with Zumbo, I have been deer hunting out in the woods peacefully quiet when some nut the next hill over opens up with his ak on a deer with 10 or so shots. Is this ethical?

Anonymous said...

I am deeply sadden to hear that Zumbo has made such a ignorant comment. I have followed him since I was a child. I am and hopefully will always be an AR owner. But I hate the public perception of the weapon. Now we have someone like Zumbo make negative comments about a weapon that he himself admits he knows nothing about, he has just unknowingly given the anti-gun nuts the best ammo they have had in years. I do not believe that Zumbo’s apology is (was) sincere. I believe that he is sorry that his comments got him in so much trouble, but not that is not his true belief. Unfortunately this is the opinion of my people his age which is very unfortunate. I have many (older) people look at me like I am crazy when they see my camo and scoped AR just because they are ignorate to the gun.

I just watched the Zumbo/Nugent show where Zumbo tries to make up for his blunder by shooting an AR. This also does not seem sincere to me. Sorry.

Also while I’m at it Jim, todays professional hunter do not hunt in blue jeans and black cowboy hats so while you are trying to salvage your career you might want to hit up your remaining sponsors for some pants and a hat. IMO.

Ryan Acree
NRA Life Member and a so called "terrorist gun owner"

And proud of both

Anonymous said...

Zumbo has, in my opinion revealed himself as an elitist, pampered, ignorant person. I've read his articles, watched his so called hunts on t.v. and always wondered if he could handle doing it himself. I think now, he could not. I've hunted coyotes and other varmints with an AR-15 for several years. I see no difference between that and using any "sporting" semi-auto, except that my AR is much more accurate. Someone else made an earlier post about how we, as hunters, shooters present a bad image when we arrive in our F350's with the big mudder tires etc....Again, I think this is an elitist attitude. I personally could care less what Zumbo thinks of me or my hunting friends, I'm fairly sure any one of us could hunt (real hunting) circles around him, now and when he was younger. It just doesn't take much skill to hunt the way he does. I saw his t.v. show the other day. Zumbo, his guide and his guides son were sitting near some river with several black bears feeding some distance away. They weren't being quiet, the guides son was even playing with his bow and arrow. Zumbo finally asked the guide if he could go ahead and shoot a bear. The guide basically said "yeah" and Zumbo shot the bear. That's REAL hunting huh? Zumbo shouldn't talk to us about hunting ethics and the perception of non-sportsmen, then shoot a bear that looked as though it was in a zoo. Get out there Jim and actually hunt something, then talk to me.


Anonymous said...

I am assuming from his ignorent comments, Dumbo never served in our Military. I served for 9 years, I carried an m-16.
I now own an AR-15 rifle, I love the weapon, I hunt with it, plink with it and keep it handy for self defense in my home.

If you have not served you have no right to tell me what I can do with an AR-15.

Anonymous said...

He did appologize, so I can forgive him. Now, if he ever gets the chance to publish something again, perhaps he won't be so foolish that time around.

P.S. Fuck gun control!

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So now that they've carried for awhile, gotten used to the "gun every day" thing, had an introduction into the gun culture (hopefully from watching my shows and checking out DRTV!!!), they're thinking the little blasters are, well, little. More importantly, they've got some time in gun-handling and shooting, and they're more comfortable with the bark and bite of small pistols.

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Herschel Supply Barlow Trail Large cheap travel bags Herschel Supply is known by adventurers and explorers the world over for its quality, style, and plain simple, easy-to-use design. Those qualities hit a new level with the Barlow Large Backpack, a sleek and minimalistic take on your best travel makeup organizer bag. Complete with the brand's signature logo patch, plus a drawstring closure and external slip pockets, it's the right amount of functionality for getting you all around the city, out into the country, and back. With its tough nylon exterior, it's the sleek and simple bag you need cooler bags.

Mystery Ranch Urban Assault Backpack
The aptly named Urban Assault Backpack from Mystery Ranch really is geared toward taking on the most challenging city environments, whether you're an average commuter or a hardcore biker or hiker. With a cheap organizer bags
exterior and 3-zip closure, it's got everything from an internal laptop sleeve to YKK wholesale tote bags for extra durability. Fixed harnessing is yet another handy design feature on this bag, which you'll surely want to use a lot given that it's priced right at under $140.