Monday, April 21, 2008

Bren Ten Rises from the Grave!

Okay, I don't know how I missed this at the SHOT Show, except for the fact that I was always running around like a crazy person, but Sonny Crockett's MIAMI VICE uber-gun, the Bren Ten, appears to be rising from the grave in the form of the Fortis, from Vltor Weapons Systems.

Here's the early March press release info:
Due to the overwhelming and positive response to the Fortis Pistol Project, we would like to address some of the questions, comments and concerns that we received from the 2008 Shot Show.

First and foremost, the Fortis Pistol is neither a concept nor a "market study"; we are moving forward with the Fortis. As many people saw at the show, we have finished a great deal of the design work and are evaluating prototype design models now. We are taking every possible step to ensure that the Fortis will incorporate the absolute best materials and manufacture technique available.

As part of a leading aerospace manufacturer, Vltor is able to use state of the art computer simulations for design testing, stress analysis, and geometric dimension and tolerance testing; furthermore, the Fortis will undergo extensive range testing and evaluation, to ensure that the final release product is worthy of the place it will take in the handgun world.

We are not yet ready to commit to a release date for the Fortis. We have learned from others in the industry that announcing a release date this early most often leads to one of two things: The release date is missed, causing discouragement and anxiety in buyers, or the product becomes a "rush job" to meet the release date. We will avoid the old axiom that there is never time to do it right, but always time to do it over and take the time to ensure that the Fortis is done right the first time. With that said, we expect that the first release of the Fortis will be around the end of the year.

As for the estimated price of the Fortis, this can set the same type of trap as guessing a release date - or goal is to bring the base level Fortis to the market, at a price that is competitive with a mid-level 1911 style pistol.

The First release of the Fortis is being developed in both 10mm Auto and .45ACP, there will be other calibers available in the future. Also, while identical in appearance and feel, the first release will not be a 100% reproduction of the original Bren-Ten pistol; there are design modifications to improve the strength, safety and reliability of the pistol. It is too early to say what parts will be interchangeable between the Fortis and the original Bren-Ten.
There's a Fortis blog that hasn't been updated since the March 8 release. I talked to David Crane over at, who has all the original skivvy, and he says the project is percolating along (with some other cool stuff from Vltor as well) for what David expcts will be a post-SHOT 2009 release to the public.

As you all know, I'm one of the few...the proud...the stoopid...who lost a $250 deposit on the Bren Ten of My Dreams when Dornaus and Dixon tanked back in the 1980s. I'd shot a Brent-Ten a friend (with a lot of money and connections, and even he only had one magazine) ended up with and was just crazy for the gun, since I'd bootlegged a CZ-75 9mm out of Canada.

I've since shot Col. Cooper's personal Bren-Ten, and with the hot Norma 10mm it was snappy, snappy, snappy...that bore axis sits way up there! Still, give me a reason and I'm 'way good to go with a new one. C'mon, admit it...plastic pistols don't necessarily do it for you, do they? You want heft, 10mm firepower and a compete set of pastel t-shirts!


Anonymous said...

OR ....
you could contact Bruce at Greyguns and have a SIG converted to 10mm !
Even better, me thinks.

Eric said...

Don't forget that Colt's announced the return of the Delta Elite at the 2008 SHOT show.

Michael Bane said...

Bruce prbably still has his pastel t-shirts from the Back When...I saw his proto at SHOT, and it looked slick. Ditto the Delta Elite...

I sort of have a love/hate relationship with is a nasty beast, but it ought to stop a velociraptor in its tracks.

Of course, your fillings fall out, too...


Jerry The Geek said...


I bought the Season 1 and Season 2 videos of "Miami Vice", and it was always my impression that the gun used by "Sonny Crockett" (a.k.a. "Sonny Burnett") was a S&W 659.

I owned a 659 during this period, so perhaps I was guilty of seeing what I expected to see.

Or maybe I was just ... wrong.

Anonymous said...


This new version of the Bren will flop I suspect.

Colt Delta Elite? Who's Colt?

If you want a 10mm get a Kimber.

Anonymous said...

jerry geek,

The Bren Ten was abandoned in later years by Sonny Crockett for a S&W.

Anonymous said...

I have two 10mm's, a Colt Delta Elite and a S&W 610 revolver and I would have to be homeless and hungry enough to chew my own leg off before I would part with either of them.

The FBI dumped the 10mm cartridge allegedly because it was just too hot for their pantywaist agents. (That may be just another urban legend, but it sounds right.) What more needs to be said.

Where do I send the check and how much do they want?

Anonymous said...

Hey "Anonymous at 12:32",
Great minds think alike! I've got the same stable and have been shooting them for years. I also have the model that the Fee-BI couldn't handle. That's my "woods piece", as we got's bears here and some other strange creatures. I hear that the Alaska State Police and some of the "locals" carry Glock 20s and 29s.
Someday, maybe I'll add one of those.
By the way, the Delta digests the current factory loads just swell. The original Normas were a little "sharp"!. I'd switched to a one-piece guide rod with shock-absorber, but went back to the short nylon piece with the stainless flange-piece and I'm still shooting on it and the gun is still tight too. For awhile, when the 10mm was still popular, Remington loaded a mid-range defense load that was the best in the Delta. The 610 is the most accurate.
Have a safe shoot.
May the great spirit be with you until we meet again.
Life Member

Anonymous said...

I have three Brens. Two standard models Ser# 171 and 172. And Speacial Forces Dark Ser# 171. #172 SFD was stolen. For the right price, I would let them go.

Anonymous said...

What's the right price for both 171 & 172

Anonymous said...

Call me crazy... but I've been lusting for a Bren-Ten ever since I handled one back in 1990. No pistol before or since ever felt so good in my hand. I WANT ONE. I hope and pray Vltor pulls this off AND that the release of the Fortis will lead to a resurgence in interest in the 10mm! (Hope springs eternal!

Anonymous said...

Anyone who does not think that the 10mm Auto is not the best all around pistol cartridge has not shot it much. I built up a Colt stainless Delta Elite with nan Ed Brown Match barrel and bushing. Filled it with as much Wilson parts as available. It shoots better and farther than any of my SIGs, HKs, Walthers, or Smiths with the exception of my 1006 that has a briley bushing and crisper trigger. And for the icing on my 10mm cake I built a 10mm MP5 SBR based on a host HK 94 with a cut HK MP5/10 as parts. I can barely contain myself waiting for the Fortis.

10mm Pete

Anonymous said...

Now, I would love to have a Bren 10 type Pistol in my waist-band or Galco MS shoulder holster. But I'll settle for my Glock 20 with Double Tap ammo. The 10mm is the best handgun round, along with the 9mm,45acp etc... Bullet placement is Key! Keep your eye on the front sight. MS.

Anonymous said...

The original Miami Vice gun was a Bren 10 chambered for .45 ACP blanks. ( the creators of the series were suggesting he was carrying a 10mm, but 10mm blanks were unavailable) This was Sonny Crockett's gun for the first 3 seasons, then he switched to S&W 45ACP. MS

Anonymous said...

I was one of those who was lucky enough to get a new Bren ten back in 1986 directly from the company, (with only one magazine) , but I had to seel it during my divorce, that same year. At least I got even money back then, I believe it was $700.00. I was wondering how much one is worth today and found it impossible to find that info online. Probably just depress me further.... said...

Gosh, there is a great deal of worthwhile material above!

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