Friday, April 18, 2008

Thank Allah It's Friday!

Am home — Home to Tara! — after two weeks of bouncing around the country like a demented pinball. The fun part was that i got to shoot a lot, from exotic full auto guns like the H-K MP7, a bunch of pistols, including about half the ParaUSA line of 1911s and slick sporting clays shotguns. Of course, I arrived home to...winter! Another six inches of now, screaming winds and cold...sigh.

I really really need to get to the range to do some videos on the last quarter's guns. I especially am looking forward to shooting the Magnaport Charter Arms Bulldog .44 (here's the American Handgunner article that got me thinking about the project; I opted not to get any of the finish options). I'll be putting some rounds through it on Sunday, then I want to spend a couple of days on the range next week shooting some new guns and tuning up for the Single Stack Classic.

And speaking of worthless, scurrilous gossip, I hear certain federal agencies are going through conniption fits with their 1911s, to the point of rebarrelling all of them. Ouchies!

In the meantime, a light bit from NRO's "Hollywood correspondent:"
Just because Barry attended a church for years without noticing that its pastor was a raving anti-American racist; refuses to demean himself by wearing a flag pin on his lapel; is up to his ears in the Tony Rezko mess; and thinks you yahoos are, well, yahoos is no reason for the media to question either his morals, his beliefs, or his patriotism. Isn’t it enough for him to just say he’s addressed all those issues, and to ask the media to tackle more substantive questions, such as how he’s going to bring hope and change not only to the United States but also to our European allies, fellow leftists such as Angela Merkel, Nicolas Sarkozy and Silvio Berlusconi?
I'd also like to drop a note to the commenters who keep talking about "Fred-heads this" and "Fred-heads that" — Fred lost, and we now have to figure out what's best for the culture.

Every single problem we had with McCain is still there, but Barack HUSSEIN Obama, the likely Democratic nominee, represents a profound threat to the American way of life we cherish. He is a socialist who hails from the single most crooked political hellhole in this country, Cook County, IL, where it's okay to let some political shill buy half your house. He is the most antigun politician ever to run for the top office, and he's perfectly willing to say whatever lie is necessary to get him elected. He has to be defeated, and the only choice we have to defeat him is John McCain. So grow the hell up!

And don't forget...tomorrow is 19 April, maybe the most important anniversay in all of American history...I would bet money if you asked Obama what significance that date has, he couldn't tell you, because the America he desires is not the America we believe in.


Anonymous said...

Curious how they say 'Fredheads' all the time and leave out Ron Paul supporters.

As for the 1911s - I don't care what agency but what's the deal with the barrels? What would make them want to change the whole lot of them?
Somebody find out they were made with slag from a uranium enrichment plant?
(hey boss, I think only the sights are supposed to glow in the dark)
Give us more worthless, scurrilous gossip!

Anonymous said...

A vocal number of Fredheads drank deeply of the Kool Aide. These simple minded folks have stated, over and over, there is no difference between McCain and the Dems. There's a thread on your forum now where some of the worst of the Fredheads have stated they are not voting for McCain. The Fredhead comments are directed at such dunderheads. Maybe you should go over to the forum and give some of the "not McCain" folks what for.

Anon@5:31, no need to mention the Ron paul kooks as they were only a small, lunatic fringe. The "not McCain Fredheads" seem to exist in much larger numbers on the various political discussions on the gun forums.

Michael Bane said...

I hear the barrels cracked, usually around the chambers, in large numbers...probably a case of over-hardening in that area...I hear the new improved replacement barrels will be Karts.

You might recall that I am TERRIBLY conservative about barrels — I use Bar-Sto first and foremost, then Kart and the occasional Wilson. This is the reason why!!!

Michael B

iainmcphersn said...

Fred's who we wanted, McCain's who we've got.

Spilt milk and all that.

Better McCain who has things about him we don't like than the other two who have no redeeming qualities.


Anonymous said...

I can only assume that the I'm-not-voting-for-McCain bunch has never heard of the Supreme Court. Or assumes it's composed entirely of healthy young thirty-somethings.

You want a court full of Ruth Bader Ginsburgs? Then stay home and let Obama win, you pouters.

Anonymous said...

>>>Better McCain who has things about him we don't like than the other two who have no redeeming qualities.<<<

I disagree. I'd rather suffer through 4 difficult years(which hopefully will be a wake up call) laid at the feet of the Dems than continue this train wreck.

The blame is squarely on McCain: amnesty for 20 million illegals, catering to big-biz outsourcing by expanding H1-B visas, lobbying against his own state's highly successful programs to get rid of illegal immigrants....

Best case is some decent Independents replace Sam Nunn and run.

Anonymous said...

Sorry MB,

By voting for McCain we are not stopping the head long rush to the left or supporting a return to the constitution.

We are at best slowing it down VERY slightly. McCain is no friend to the 2A or the Constitution.

If we continue to vote for the lesser all we are doing is sending the message that we will accept what is offered.

As far as SCOTUS McCain's' choices will be no better and no worse than BHO or HC. Think McCain/Feingold, the man has no idea what the BOR or constitution is.

I will vote for conservatives. I don't give a damn what letter is after the name. McCain is not a conservative and I w not give the RNC the signal that I will accept him or their policies.

Anonymous said...

I would like to recommend that you continue to vote for "our side". That's spelled R-e-p-u-b-l-i-c-a-n! McCain has heard the words and so has the party. There are many signals that show that. There's no sanity in "suffer(ing) through four difficult years.....", as the other writer suggests, then trying to re-capture the "fort". By then, there will be too many laws passed through the now Democratic controlled Legislature and Senate and now (?) Executive (assuming that "The Beast", or b-HO gets in.). We haven't had that condition for decades. Once legislation is passed, it is almost never undone. Once a new liberal ' Justice is appointed, they'll be there until they expire; ruining the balance long after we may re-gain control. We will also have presidential decrees pushed through bypassing the legislative side, as NAFTA was when we HAD a Republican Congress and Senate.
Hazcat, I cal only tell you that YOU are ill-advising yourself. No offense intended, just the facts. Don't waste your vote. For me, this is deja vou, all over again, as I had this same conversation with another good friend, when "Mr. Squirt" ran against "HW" and he wasted his vote on Perot, "just so that he could send a message". He soon regretted that, as the AWB, among other things went through.
Keep the faith!
Life Member

Anonymous said...

>>>McCain has heard the words and so has the party. There are many signals that show that.<<<

Just goes to show you that hearing and listening are two different critters.

You don't need anymore proof that it's open border business as usual than McShame having Juan Hernandez as his Hispanic Outreach Director...