Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Gun Mon

Cute, huh? "Gun Mon...day." Get it? Okay, never mind...I'm tired. Besides, it's Tuesday, but I'm a day behind.

I thought I might actually talk a little about, you know, guns today. I got to spend some time at the range with a suppressed H-K MP7 in 4.6 X 30 buzzgun, courtesy of Long Mountain Outfitters and Fiocchi, who makes the ammo. It shoots like, well, a .22 submachinegun might...in fact, I kept wanted to overcompensate to keep the front end from rising, except that the front end didn't rise to speak of. It just buzzed away, the H-K suppressor doing a pretty good job of keeping the sound throttled down.

The whole Personal Defense Weapon (PDW) thing is pretty interesting...a sort of sub-sub gun that fills a role between handgun and an assault weapon. The uber-PDW, of course, is the FNH P90, another little buzzgun that shoots like, well, another .22 submachinegun (and available in semiauto civilian garb).

The whole issue on the little monsters revolves around whether their specialty cartridges — the 5.7 X 28 in the P90, the 4.6 X 30 in the H-K — will deliver the mail in a law enforcement or a civilian context...these cartridges are already proven quantities in military arena. But what you need in a military arena is not necessarily what Bob SWAT Guy, or you and I need. I have mixed feelings..I've talked to end users for both cartridges who were wildly enthusiastic on the terminal ballistics....but in every case the users had access to ammunition that you and I can't have and multiple hits were involved. A dozen of either of these little guys will certainly dent your mellow.

My problem is I have a nagging sense that ballistics may be ballistics...we're talking roughly 40 grain bullets at 2200-2400 fps...hummmmm...now where have I heard those numbers before? Maybe the .22 Hornet (46 grain at 2600-2800 fps)? Not known as a definitive manstopper.Yes, we're talking trick bullet design, something I've very fond of in handgun cartridges, but still...

From a civilian standpoint, I'd have to say the jury is still out. If any of the specialty cartridges gains a bit of a widespready following, we'll see a lot of ammo development in the civilian arena...then I'll change to an ultralight plastic pistol with about a billion rounds in each magazine...I'll get it in a designer color, too!

I also put several boxes of 9mm frangible ammo through a production line Sig Sauer P250. I think I'm going to stand by my original thoughts on the pistol...it does feel a lot like the P225, a gun I'm very familiar with, in my hand. The long DA trigger is still slick — smooth, but with more stacking at the end of trigger stroke than with the protos I shot at the factory. It is not a hard trigger to get used to, though it could benefit hugely from a shorter reset...for revolver shooters, that long DA stroke is baseline normal. As I said, I've heard mucho rumors that the 25os are not flying off the shelves, probably a function of the viciously competitive plastic pistol market that I guarantee will get even more competitive as we move through this election year.


Frank W. James said...

Michael: Well, actually it shoots like an "18" caliber...which it is. Hornady also makes ammo for it.

Played with it myself, and without the full-auto feature I too question its effectiveness with any type of ammo.

All The Best,
Frank W. James

Unknown said...

With regards to the 250 not flying off of shelves, well, the price being asked is far too high.

It costs an average of $600, and only comes with one mag? Too much, even if it is standard with night sights (which are nice, but not everyone wants them due to the added initial cost).

Every other 9mm wondergun, even HK's (and remember, they hate you) comes with two mags, and some even come with three.

Heck, my FNP-9 had a mail-in offer for a free bladetech holster, mag pouch, and training barrel.

Got them in the mail a couple of weeks after sending in for the offer.

And if SIG can't be competitive because of the Euro...well, too bad. We'll buy Rugers, Springfields, and FN's, thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

The selling point of the P250 is supposed to be calibre conversion and grip conversion. Like the old Dan Wesson Pistol Pack, most of us could care less.

In Plastic pistols Glock Rules. The M&P seems to have leveled out into a good gun. Suckers buy Xd's that are overly complicated and SR9's with bad triggers. Doesn't leave much room for the P250.

Anonymous said...

How does the introduction of the p250 compare to intro of the sr9? I recall a lot of fanfare around the Ruger pistol which is still just a striker gun. You had videos here. Not much on the 250 and that pistol is supposed to be very different in design. I'm with steve on this gun. $600 seems like a lot.

Anonymous said...

these cartridges are already proven quantities in military arena

er, they are? have they served in any actual wars (or at least some kind of combat) that i didn't hear about?

Anonymous said...

I can't see how the 250 contributes ANYTHING that anybody cares about and the price is silly high, when Glocks or M&P's are actually easier for most people to shoot...Sig probably has a looser on their hands, just like the P245, the brand will only carry a gun so far, poor ergonomics and a high price will eventually sink any gun like this

Anonymous said...

Think Sig is missing its steps. Seem to be reverting to their euro heritage as a stand off, elitist company. Not sure about erogo nomics though but price is kinda stupid.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 5:27 AM said:
"The selling point of the P250 is supposed to be calibre conversion and grip conversion. Like the old Dan Wesson Pistol Pack, most of us could care less."

I agree. Maybe for organizations or agencies this type of flexible standardization makes sense, but I do not get what the supposed apeal of this is for the civilian market.

For me, the cost is not even the issue. I am a poor man but I do not compromise in my weapons for cost factors. Guns are almost exclusively weapons for me. (Maybe if I were richer I would buy more guns as recreational toys.)

If I am missing something about the P250, please fill me in.

Anonymous said...

Another "junk" GUN WITH NO INTRINSIC VALUE . gimmick guns is all thats left to come up with ? Geeze , cant they come up with somthin we can use?

Anonymous said...

Uh-Oh! I just read the headlines! "Sturm, Ruger & Co. Recall SR9 Pistols due to a safety defect"! Go to "ruger-dot-com" for the details.
Sad, sad, sad.....

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