Friday, August 29, 2008

Dancin' in the Streets!

At least, libertarians and we crazy uncles in the gun culture certainly one of the first people to call for Palin as VP, I say, whew! Did I not call that one?

Here's some commentary from NRO's The Corner:
But in political terms today, right now, one can appreciate the political brilliance of her appointment, which — given Obama's doctrinaire liberal laundry-list speech — turns the attention to the McCain camp and will hinder the Democratic convention bounce.

1. The pick appeals to the Hillary independent voter and forces Obama to go easy, since he doesn't want both a primary and general election in which liberal women thought he and his MSNBC media henchmen took the sexist, mean-spirited low road. Given McCain's 72 years, women will realize that the role and future of this VP is no token appointment.

2. Conservatives and the base will be OK with both her positions and her life narrative; no defections as threatened with a Lieberman pick.

3.On energy, she will either blunt McCain's unreasonable opposition to ANWR, or, in fact — as an Alaskan pro-driller — give him the opening necessary to "evolve" on the issue into a support for drilling there.

4. In a Zen way it raises the inexperience issue, inviting Obama to critique a fresh VP as "inexperienced" and thereby automatically turn the same scrutiny to his as-thin-or-even-thinner resume for the more important job.

5. McCain can keep running those Biden-attacking-Obama ads, with little worry that he would get the same back had he nominated a primary rival with a Biden-like campaign trail.

6. One governor, even with brief executive experience, still contrasts with three Senate legislators in the race.

7. Obama's "change" mantra and sermons on Washington insiders are suddenly null and void due to both VP picks: McCain went for an outsider, Obama went for the classical Uber-insider.

8. As any one who has met her can attest, Palin has a charismatic presence and winning personality that could help whittle away at Obamania.

9. Much of the arsenal of the left-twing critique of the last eight hate-Bush years is starting to evaporate. Both McCain and Palin have or will have sons in Iraq; both are not easily identified as hard-core insensitive Republicans; McCain's eroding maverick status is rejuvenated with this running-mate pick.

10. Let us hope that energy now becomes the key issue. Given Obama's sorta sorta not references to gas, nuclear, and coal — and not much about drilling, McCain-Palin can really hit hard on natural gas, oil, nuclear, and coal as the perfect U.S.-dominated, at-home transition to alternative fuels that save the treasury and our national security — all much more appealing than Obama's quixotic windmill and solar-panel melodramas.

For today, the timing and choice were inspired; now we await how Gov. Palin fares when the "new," "transcendent" — and vicious — leftwing political attacks come.


Dustin said...

Very good points.

Anonymous said...

Libertarians are dancing in the streets? Not this one. The gun owner in me is very happy and so is the fiscal conservative. Palin is probably the best choice the Repubs could have made.

On social issues she's just another anti-freedom conservative.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 8:49 PM, Please explain what you mean by "anti-freedom conservative".
Life Member

Obersti said...

I've never met a Libertarian yet who could not explain in 30,000 words what others could with 30--and they had the brochures to prove it.

Anonymous said...

Does it have to be spelled out?

Pro gun: so am i
Pro life: women pregnant by rapists don't get to abort?
Pro religion: my child has to listen to catholic prayers in school? how about muslim prayers? and jewish prayers?
Fiscal Conservative: you have a point... she clamped down on that huge state deficit and in two years alaska has a huge surplus now. i heard she personally sold the alaska state jet on ebay!
Pro Woman: what does that mean? she's a lesbian?
Pro family: she certainly supported her sister when she tried to get her ex-hubby fired.
Anti gay marriage: why is marriage even a government issue? marriage is a religious issue between people and their creator or between two people of their own volition.
Pro clean government: she is? see pro-family above. do you think corruption isn't an issue for libertarians?
Pro National Defense: me too
Pro environment: anti-caribou

You may return your libertarian card at the door...

Anonymous said...

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