Friday, August 29, 2008

HOLY CRAP! It's Palin!

Not yeah, but hell yeah!

John McCain stands up and picks the best choice for VP — Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

She's one of us. FINALLY, we can get 100% behind the Republican ticket...change we can believe in!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This is completely hillarious, or should I say Hillary-ous?

The Dems can talk all that stuff about "18 million cracks in the glass ceiling."

But who's got a woman on the ticket?

What's even better is that while she's younger than bHo, she's got more experience to qualify her as POTUS than bHo!



Anonymous said...

I was in fear McCain would pick Romney. With Gov Palin we have a strong 2A supporter on the ticket. While no one votes for prez based on the #2 spot (except maybe the #2's family) maybe this well help shore up McCain among conservatives who would have maybe sat this election out or voted for Barr as a protest.

Anonymous said...

I sincerely hope that all of you are correct and that I am wrong--but after last night's coronation I see nothing but disaster for this doomed ticket--dmd

Anonymous said...

I gotta admit, whether it's "logical" or not, I am WAY fired up by this choice. McCain actually shows the base (esp. gun owners) some love. HELL YEAH.

I've been holding on to signed checks to McCain and the RNC, refusing to mail them 'til we saw his veep pick.

Off they go! Good job, Mav.

Petey said...

And the first person I saw suggest Palin was?

None other than MB!

Good Call MB.

And thank God McCain finally got a clue he needed to do something to get Conservatives.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree. For the first time, I'm actually interested in voting for mccain. go figure.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin is such a better choice than the crawler on Fox yesterday that said McStain had picked Romney as VP.
Glad they were as accurate as always!

Happy to say I watched all of less than 2 minutes of the Dems love fest for the entire week. I've seen BHusseinO and Biden slobber all over themselves before...

dmd45 - what did you expect to see at a DNC circle jerk?
(admittedly, the RNC will look the same)

Anonymous said...

anonymous#1: In this case--as in every case--the #2 pick is only an aortal twitch away from beiung your President. I'll take an NRA Life Member any g-d-a-mn day over Slippery/Greasy Joe.

"Oh, Hell! Now that damned cowboy is president..." Senator Mark Hanna (R-OH) 1901.

CLP said...

Sarah Palin Kenobe..."you're our only hope"

pops1911 said...

Thank God! We have a party now!! And for the future too!

RVN11B said...



YE HAW!!!!



Eric said...

MB for SecDef!

Anonymous said...


Sarah is a good gal,her son Track is a stud,deploying to Iraq next month. Sarah is a gun owner and hunter.
I spoke with Bill G yesterday, thanks!

Thanks for all the great coverage of my holsters.

Anonymous said...

Courage + Honor

Bob Anderson said...

Finally McCain doesn't smell so bad.

Anonymous said...

OK someone named Bane needs to get on the horn and get Sarah Palin to do a campaign rally at KNOB CREEK! Isn't the next shoot in October? Ummmm, think of the photo ops that would bring!

Anonymous said...

Same here. I think a -lot- of folks who might otherwise have stayed home, will now make the effort to go on out and vote for McCain / Palin. He needed this. She deserves it. God bless Sarah Palin, and let her serve!

Anonymous said...

I am now behind this ticket 100% - signs in the yard, canvassing, everything.

I even just emailed an ultra liberal woman friend a hard nosed email about how Palin represents everything she has stood for the last forty years. Can't wait to hear her equivocation. Damned liberals just don't get it.

Anonymous said...

PS: No clothespin at the voting booth either.

Anonymous said...

how do I vote Palin for POTUS and

McCain for vice?

I think I'm in love with this woman!

Seriously, this is the best

thing McCain has done during the

whole race. Finely I can vote

principles again instead of voting

against someone.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Bane, now that we know the Republican ticket some questions:

Would you consider a special SG that hilites this election and its importance to gunowners?

Would you be able to make the case for McCain and Palin?

Would you be technically able to get something put together and on the air in time?

Would your sponsors support that effort?

Dustin said...

I am 100% behind his VP pick. He could not have made a better selection.

Anonymous said...

Sure puts a new slant on Hall & Oates....

"Sara smile
Won't you smile a while for me"

Gotta love a gov. whose latest job approval poll was over 80% positive.

Anonymous said...

Thinking about this... Michael Moore would've been a better VP pick. NRA member for life, actually has been to foreign countries. Worked for the blue collar workers (see "Roger and Me"). Met with business and US leaders.

What do you guys think? Can we get McCain to change his mind?

Anonymous said...

This is a great decision! When McCain has a heart attack in office, at least we know our guns will not be taken away! I thought he would pick someone that has any experience with national affairs but picking Palin is a stroke of genius! Totally unequipped for a national office but damn she knows what us good old boys like! Shootin and making babies.

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