Saturday, August 30, 2008

Oh No! GUNS an Issue in November?!?!?!

Newsweek is fretting that Sarah Palin's place on the Republican ticket might...oh my goodness!...put guns and gun control in the forefront of the campaign, something the socialist weasels in the Democratic Party profoundly do not want:
"The lines are being more clearly drawn on the gun issue," says Dennis Hennigan of the Brady Center, a gun-reform lobby group. "One day after Senator Obama made it clear that he thinks assault weapons should be banned in a remarkable portion of his speech, here Senator McCain selects someone who is not only proud to be endorsed by [the NRA], an opponent of that ban, but apparently is pretty enthusiastic about the guns themselves."
I say let's put guns right up there where they belong, right in people's faces before the campaign. Guns are the canaries in the coal mine, a bellwether on how people really feel about freedom and individual responsibility. You can tell me all you want about how you cherish the principles this country was founded on, how much of a rugged individualist you are. but if you support gun control in any form, you are a liar.

Let's check the record...b-HO has an F-rating from the NRA, has supported every gun control initiative he's ever even bumped into, wants to ban concealed carry nationally and wants to confiscate our AR-15s, the most popular rifle in the world. He said so in Denver...weren't you listening? Greasy Joe Biden, a senator known for his racist gaffes, largely undistinguished record and big mouth, is now proudly crowing that he is the "original architect" of the '94 Assault Weapons Ban and he can't wait to architect-up another one. Like b-HO, Greasy Joe has an F-rating from the NRA and has never once seen a gun control measure he didn't love love love.

A new AWB will be a priority item for an Obama/Biden White House...and you better believe the new AWB will have teeth. Door-to-door confiscations? IMHO, not out of the question...who in Congress is going to stop it? The Blue Dog Dems bent their knees in Denver, kissed the ring and drank the Kool-Aide; the Republicans are running scared.

The year of our greatest triumph, D.C. v. Heller, can also be the year of our greatest defeat, Obama/Biden.

You know I've had my problems with McCain, but he has reached out a hand to us both at the NRA Annual Meeting and with the amazing selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate...while b-HO wants to ban AR-15s; Palin shoots AR-15s, and apparently pretty well.

Every shooter, every hunter, every gun owner, every competitor needs to understand that it is time to, in the words of Bruce Willis, "cowboy the 'f...' up." To mutilate a phrase from Mr. Sean Puffy Combs four years ago, it's vote or see our culture die.

BTW, I will be in California week after next recording Public Service Announcement for OUTDOOR CHANNEL to get out the votes...


Turk Turon said...

"...canary in the coalmine..."
ABSOLUTELY! It's too bad our First Amendment advocates in academia and journalism don't realize that.

Anonymous said...

Change? bho + biden = business as usual. Change my butt! Sarah palin is a breath of fresh air.the mushroom

Anonymous said...

bho lost his "change" when he picked biden.themushroom

Anonymous said...

Remember the '94 AWB wasn't total "ban". It did not require us to turn in our existing weapons. It only stopped the supply of new ones.

I bet if Obama/Biden are elected the first draft of a new AWB will be a total ban on possession with confiscation of existing weapons.

GO McCain/Palin

Frank W. James said...

Michael: RIGHT ON! She is a candidate I can vote for and her selection is a brilliant move by the Republicans. Finally, someone who represents what we stand for and whom I trust.

All The Best,
Frank W. James

Anonymous said...

I have tought that the Heller decision was the first shoe to drop. Always expected some sort of titantic evil response from the anti-gunners. I am lazing around on a Saturday afternoon and it dawns on me the following: How odd, maybe devine?, that the second shoe is in fact the Sarah Palin choice! The second shoe wasn't going to be the anti-gunners revenge. It was to be the sealing of the McCain victory. (I ain't counting my chickens just yet but it sure looks that way).

Anonymous said...

Guns are an issue with me. Actually they are my only issue anymore. I like to think of myself as an independent and not a party hack, but I will now be voting for McCain because he picked Mrs. Palin. So his gamble worked with me and several others that I know. I don't want to be disarmed by Obama and his socialist new society. I like America as it is. Flaws and all.

Anonymous said...

I am a single issue voter too. Guns. You can take my job, take my money, take my freedoms but McCain just don't take my AK-47! Allahu Akbar! US is the greatest country in the world and as long as I have my rifle, it'll always be that way. Muhammad (PBUH) bless the U. S. of A.

Anonymous said...

Even the liberals are trying to smear posts on a blog now. The lows of the liberals amaze me Malik.

Anonymous said...

And the liberals use an incoherent babbling racist comment to smear to boot...

If you don't like guns (and freedom) just man up and admit it already!

Great analogy MB.

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