Thursday, August 07, 2008

UH-OH! When They Come for Us All...

A tip of the hat to Armed & Safe, whose on top of this...the "giant weapons arsenal" demon rears its ugly head again...from the Cape Cod Times:
BARNSTABLE — Looking frail and unable even to look up from his wheelchair, Kenneth Webster Jr. pleaded not guilty yesterday to charges that he amassed an arsenal of more than 50 weapons on his secluded, squalid property in Marstons Mills overlooking Mill Pond.

Barnstable District Court Judge W. James O'Neill ordered Webster, 44, held on $50,000 cash bail on 10 counts of unlawful possession of a firearm and one count of illegally possessing ammunition. Prosecutors requested, and were granted, that bail of $10,000 on a previous case against Webster be revoked.

The massive cache of guns, knives and ammo — a .50-caliber handgun and .50-caliber sniper rifle, sawed-off shotguns, high-powered assault rifles, an inert bomb, throwing knives, bayonets and more than 1,000 live rounds, according to police and prosecutors — was seized when Barnstable police raided his house at 3640 Falmouth Road on Tuesday after arresting him at his parents' home on Wakeby Road earlier in the day.

His mother and an unidentified woman, who both looked stunned, declined to comment at court. "We're speechless," said a third woman, who said she was a relative.

Before this month, Webster had no criminal record in Massachusetts, said defense attorney Brian Roman of North Attleboro.
Webster's motive for building up such a massive cache was still under investigation, Barnstable Detective Sgt. John Murphy said.

"We really don't know what his intentions were," Murphy said. Webster allegedly also collected survivalist equipment, including generators, cans of gasoline and ham radios, along with the weapons.

Webster had no "sinister purposes" to his weapon collection and had not been doing anything with the items, Roman said. "He's been a respectable member of the community his entire life."
So Webster hasn't done anything except possess a cache of weapons...and that "survivalist equipment," like ham radio gear. What kind of psychotic would possess ham radio gear? And more than 1000 rounds of ammo? Holy crap, Batman!

But wait, there's more!

Here's from a local columnist, who is shocked — SHOCKED! — at the whackos roaming around:
Last week police confiscated a small arsenal of illegal guns, ammunition and other assorted weapons from the Marstons Mills home of Kenneth Webster. On July 1 police also removed several guns and knives that had been on his person and in his car. In total, more than 50 weapons were taken from Webster including a sawed-off shotgun, an M14 automatic rifle and a sniper rifle.

When he was arrested on July 1 Webster reportedly told police that he had a constitutional right to own those guns. If that sounds scary, here's something scarier. There are a lot of people out there who agree with him.

Second Amendment literalists have long held that the phrase "the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed" means just that. Using that interpretation, it would appear that Webster would be within his rights to own as many handguns, shotguns, and automatic weapons as he wished even though there was a restraining order against him.
Damn those Second Amendment literalists! I, for one, am terrified at the very idea that just plain civilians are amassing these kinds of arsenals....50 caliber handguns! Sniper rifles! Sawed-off shotguns! Stacks of ammunition! Terrified! Oh wait...that's my friggin' basement!

Never mind...


Petey said...

Sounds like the basement, bedroom, shop, or home of most the people I know.

More than a thousand rounds of live ammo? Who hasn't bought that in a day, let alone have it on hand.

Government abuse. The very reason the 2A was included.

Anonymous said...

He had a restraining order againist him according to the columnist. That is the part that scares me. This restraining order BS is going to be the "loophole" that a lot of gun folks are going to be prosecuted on in the Post Heller world. Get some Brady neighbor to file some complaint and then get a left wing judge to sign the order. All your firearms and oh lordy KNIVES are going to be taken away for life.

Anonymous said...

Larry is right.....

This is compounded by the tactics used....see what happened to the mayor, his family and his dogs.... run-a-way law enforcement, eh?,0,4563211.story

Anonymous said...

Crap, I better start that hole in the backyard I've been meaning to get to tonight.....saltydogbk

Anonymous said...

And I'm a ham radio op to boot. 5 antennas on the pickup truck and 4 hanging on, around or above the house. Plus 3 scanners, a Geiger counter and who know what other contraband I have around the house. Oh and don't forget the massive collection of "sniper" rifles and hand guns.

Anonymous said...

Ya gotta get at least 1000 rounds to get a price break. Fifty guns? So what? Most women got that many shoes. We don't lock em up for that.

Anonymous said...

He was seriously low on ammo. Unless they meant 1000 rounds per gun. He'd be a little low by some standards then too, but heck...

Anonymous said...

Well, I might not keep 1000 rounds of 458 Win Mag (if I had one of those), but 1K of 9mm, for example? My family used up 1.2K when the 4 of us went to the range a couple of weeks ago. (My son was home on leave, so it was something of a celebration.) And any rimfire shooter who doesn't have at least two bricks of 22LR on hand just isn't very well prepared.

Any way to verify that he really had "sawed off" shotguns in the NFA sense? Most clueless reporters would probably describe any weapon shorter than they are tall as "sawed off." And of course the police may have thrown the term in to make their confiscation sound more "reasonable" to the unknowing.

pops1911 said...

Where was this? Oh the Massachusetts Commonwealth - just glad it was not in the US anywhere!

Another peaceful citizen persecuted for no legal reason.

kellyln said...

Dare to struggle mile stones

kellyln said...

oh man!!!!!!!!!! why the Government prosecutes with out any affirmation, so sad-------------
I protest for this*******

kellyln said...

Be careful with weapons which you possess

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