Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Great Article on Survival...

...in National Geo from Laurence Gonzales, who's book, Deep Survival — Who Lives, Who Dies & Why, I have heartily recommended. It's also worth hitting his blog now and again...


Anonymous said...

Great find, this site.Thanks MB for the tip. the mushroom

Anonymous said...

The article sounded like a bunch of New Age claptrap.

Anonymous said...

From the article:
"A study at University College London showed that the city’s cab drivers possessed unusually large hippocampi, the part of the brain that makes mental maps of our surroundings."

Could this be yet another "study" that is total crap?
Much like the RAM on your computer, the hippocampus is too small - it's vital to memory but doesn't actually store them.

There was an English study done on the effect of breast feeding on breast cancer.
They concluded that since virtually all mothers in the Congo breast fed their children and had virtually no breast CA, that breast feeding must have some anti-cancer benefit.

The freaking idiots didn't think that maybe there could be some differences between London and the Congo.
Like f'rinstance, oh I don't know, industrial pollution that has been going on for the last couple hundred years. Or maybe even the ease of reporting cancer in England as opposed to the Congo.

The article was an interesting look at survivor mentality.
Though I kept wondering throughout the article if the author really understood the psychology of it or came to his conclusion then sought out episodes to support that conclusion.

Unknown said...

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