Friday, September 05, 2008

A Really Neat Gun Trick...

...from my pal John Gangl at J.P. Rifles. We were out on the metallic silhouette range at the Whittington Center with one of his proto MOR-07 manually operated (a.k.a. bolt action) rifles in .260 Remington. There's a full-sized buffalo target at 1100-some-odd yards, and John was showing the new (and really, really slick) bolt gun to my producers, John Carter and Mike Long.

"Go ahead and take a shot at the buffalo," John told John Carter. John Gangl provide the doping "wetware" only available to a master of 1000-yard-plus shooting, which he fed into a 5.11 HRT Tactical Ballistic Computer Watch introduced this year at SHOT. The rifle was on a bipod off the bench, using the integral monopod partially folded. — the buttstock was not bagged. (Scope was a Horus, if you must know).

John Carter squeezed the 1-pound trigger, and a couple of seconds later the steel buffalo rang out...not bad for his first long shot ever! He was followed by Mike Long — CLANG! — our two videographers and sound technician — CLANG! CLANG! CLANG! — and even me — CLANG! Longest shot I've ever made, and the first time I've ever fired a bolt gun off my left side using my left eye to sight.

Nice trick, John!

He's taking orders for the new gun; prices int he $4000 region and, believe me, worth every penny of it!

Here's the specs from John's website:
The MOR-07 features a benchrest-quality short action with the best of everything including a spiral-fluted bolt for dirt clearance and a large knob on the bolt handle for ease of operation. We use a Jewel single-stage 700 match trigger set to your specification between one to three pounds. The cryogenically treated Lilja air-gauged benchrest barrel with the JP Tactical Series Compensators and the new JP tactical bolt gun chassis system. The MOR-07 also has a line of bore in the same relative position as an AR-10-type rifle, which produces much faster sight recovery and better ergonomics.

The new JP tactical bolt gun chassis system (patent applied for) is a three-piece modular design allowing for more versatility than any similar chassis now available. It consists of an action block, forend section and a buttstock. This allows for a number of combinations that can more precisely fit the application or the needs of the shooter. Our first action block will fit any Remington 700 short action or clone thereof and will soon be available for several other popular actions such as the Savage 110 series or Winchester M70 series. We have three forend options including a wide and flat forend like that of a bench rifle stock, a more traditional tactical rifle shaped forend and finally, a tubular hand guard forend similar to our gas guns, which can utilize all our tactical rail kits. The buttstock section is detachable and will feature a fully adjustable composite stock. You can also buy the chassis system alone to use with your own action. The chassis comes with one 10-round magazine but will also accept many readily available 5-round magazines.

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