Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Sunday... in the waning days of summer at the Secret Hidden Bunker...the trees are starting to color...sight, I'm pretty much not ready for snow yet.

On the plus side, got my Ruger #1 in 450/400 3-inch Nitro Express yesterday...we're going to be using it for the Vintagers Cup stalking rifle competition. It's a one an urge to don the ole pith helmet and head to the Dark that California? LOL! The only ammo available are Hornady's hunting rounds, so they're thumpers. I have shot a bunch of rounds through a #1 in 450, so it's not impossible...does leave a mark, though.

I'm now completely recovered from the computer main beast has been repaired without loss of data and I'm cloned all over the place. I upgraded my Mac's operating system without disaster, and my main calendar (which is now safely protected on the Internet, among other places) is perking along. I'm also very pleased with my new iPhone, which replaced my ailing Samsung flip phone that was dangerously close to death (for example, you had to shake it to get it to work). I chose the iPhone since all my calendars and contacts can sync off my Internet mail account, and on short trips I'll leave my laptop at home...maybe. I've got to set up Internet mail blogging for the Michael Bane Blog, since the iPhone isn't really a blogging machine.

I note that Sig Sauer is running a whole bunch of specials until the end of November, including a $99 Sig white light/laser ($270 MSRP) with the purchas eon any "classic line" Sig...if you've been thinking of a 226 like the one next to my bed, now might be a good time to suck it up.

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