Thursday, September 11, 2008

This Sucks Hard!

I was out working with Kim Rhode today, filming Public Service Announcements for OC to get out the vote in November. Kim was headed up to LA to appear at a McCain/Palin fundraiser when she stopped off to do a little shopping in Lake Elsinore...and her truck got ripped off:
LAKE ELSINORE ---- The Perazzi shotgun used by two-time Olympic gold medalist Kimberly Rhode in four Olympic games was stolen Thursday afternoon while Rhode and her mother, Sharon Rhode, were shopping at the Lake Elsinore Outlets.

To help get it back, the Rhode family is offering a $5,000 reward, Sharon Rhode said Thursday.

Anyone with information is asked to call (626) 448-4131.

Kimberly Rhode, the 29-year-old co-host of an Outdoor Channel shooting show, won gold medals in double trap shooting at the Atlanta and Athens Olympics. She won a bronze medal in double trap in Sydney in 2004 and a silver medal this year in Beijing in skeet shooting.

The shotgun, a 12-gauge Perazzi MX12, was specially designed for Rhode, Sharon Rhode said.

The shotgun, which was used in all four of the Olympic games in which Rhode has competed, was stolen sometime between 1 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. Thursday.

The thief or thieves smashed a window and grabbed the gun, leaving behind other valuables in the vehicle, Sharon Rhode said.

The Rhodes stopped at the Outlets for a spot of shopping after an Outdoor Channel photo shoot at Vail Lake.
They've got video; I hope they catch the sucker and fry his butt.


Bob Anderson said...

Boy that's too bad. I would think they'll replace it for free.

Anonymous said...

The way I read the report the gun must have been visible to the perp?

In any event, cops don't investigate thefts of single guns (I speak from experience), they only fill out a report that you can pick up and turn in to you insurance.

Anonymous said...

Well looks like she is going to have to use an American shotgun now.

Anonymous said...

That really does suck. Kim seems to be a real fine young lady. It is a shame.

Anonymous said...

Oh, good heavens. Is there any more info on the gun? Perazzis are scarce to begin with, and this should be traceable.

Yes, I'm sure it's insured. Which means EXACTLY nothing. Damn it, this is the gun she used to win Olympic medals with.

I've been there...had competition guns with a long history go missing (NEVER fly Alitalia). It's like losing an arm or a leg.

Anonymous said...

No BOB - A replacement gun is NOT THE SAME as the gun uyou shot and won medals in SEVERAL Olympics.

Why the heck was she traveling with such a prized gun? Because of what she was doing with Mike?

Stupid girl if she had it Just 'cuz and left it in plane sight - though I really hope she gits it back - I think it's lost forever - to bad.

Anonymous said...

I'm betting the perp knew who he was ripping off. He left other valuables in the truck and just took a double shotgun probably in a heavy case? Folks who shoot international carry their guns in substantial cases to thwart the airport "baggage smashers".

Michael said she had just done a public service shoot, one would expect she did it with the gun she shot in the olympics with.

High end guns like these should be easy to trace through the serial numbers. You do not find Perazzis in the local pawn shops all that frequently, and the MFG/importer keeps records. Perazzi will replace the gun no doubt but has sentimental value.

Was the truck the one that she restored?

Harmony Hermit

shooter said...

I hope she gets it back. I know from shooting competitively in college that breaking in a new rifle or shotgun is a pain in the butt. Sure, you can set it back exactly the way your other one was, but there is the psychological attachment you have with the original. It is like a favorite pair of shoes or your comfortable blue jeans.

GeorgeH said...

How about getting us the serial number?

Your readers are at every gun show, in every gun store and pawn shop. This firearm is findable unless it was stolen to order for some kind of weird Olympics memorabilia fetishist.

What we don't want if for it to end up in some police department smelter as a "crime gun".