Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sarah Barracuda Delivers the Mail!

If I was Greasy Joe Biden, I'd be shaking in my Adult Pampers...

From the AP, via Drudge:
Sarah Palin delivered. An embattled vice presidential candidate, a novice on the national stage, the head of a family suffering its "ups and downs," the first-term Alaska governor rocked the GOP convention with a star-turning performance.
Wielding a stiletto and a smile, Palin belittled Democrat Barack Obama and praised her new boss, John McCain, jolting the crowd of GOP partisans.

"Don't you think we made the right choice for the next vice president of the United States!" McCain said, hinting the controversy surrounding his pick. "And what a beautiful family."

Indeed, the family was on display for the TV cameras - five children, including a 17-year-old unmarried daughter who is pregnant. Their mother lacked the soaring oratory skills of Obama - a man she attacked as a tax-raising, terrorist-coddling, self-indulgent liberal. But the former TV sportscaster spoke in calm, TV-friendly tones reminiscent of Ronald Reagan. Like the former GOP president, Palin warmed the crowd with quips and jokes.

"What's the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull," she said, pausing for a beat and a smirk. "Lipstick."

She left the crowd smiling.

"For too many times, we've brought knives to gun fights," said Chuck Gast, a delegate from Maryland.

When asked if Palin brought a gun to the fight, Gast said: "Yes, I think she brings a big gun, like a moose gun."
This from Kathryn Jean Lopez in NRO:
Without pandering, without sounding like a politician, Palin was able to say, essentially, I am one of you. I work hard. Love my family. Love God (“a servant’s heart”). We struggle, just like you. But we know what is right and what is wrong. And I am here today to make sure you can make the choices you need to do right by your family.

She didn’t have to spell it all out, she showed it to us Wednesday night. She showed us that even a small-town gal from Alaska can be successful and be a leader.

And she laid the groundwork for invigorating a movement. Immediately after her speech, National Review Online readers e-mailed me to tell me they had just watched the next Ronald Reagan, the long-awaited successor. What I think we’re seeing is a new generation of conservatism. As Mitt Romney laid out clearly in his speech earlier in the night, there are some real differences between liberals and conservatives, and with a passionate energy this young woman is on the road to leading the Right into the future, with great respect for those who have laid the groundwork before us.


Anonymous said...

Just watched her speech on Youtube. Hot Damn! I think she'll play well in Peoria.

Anonymous said...

Her speech was excellent,she held up under all the pressure,she received a an awesome response from the audience and pundits alike.

That said...the only thing I thought was missing was some second amendment and pro gun comments!

Sarge said...

I think she is great. I hope that John McCain heeds her council.

Anonymous said...

She is radiant.

Anonymous said...

She rocked the house. She delivered the mail and then some. And you can't beat her great family. Loved the footage of her youngest daughter holding the baby.

Anonymous said...

I am hoping this is what gets the NRA and the pro-gun crowd rallied like they were in 1994.