Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Newt kicks some media butt!

I got my first Press Card when I was 18 years-old as a staff writer (junior grade) for the Florida State University Flambeau, and I have carried that official membership in the Mainstream Media cabal for 40 — jeez, how did that happen? — years.

I have never been more saddened about the state of a once-honorable profession than by today's savage MSM attacks not on Sarah Palin, but on her 17-year-old pregnant daughter Bristol, who I'm pretty sure is not running for any office. The MSM, led by the New York Times, the Washington Post and CNN, are doing their best to destroy Sarah Palin as part of an overall Democratic strategy...b-HO gets to sit quietly on the sidelines while the media handles the attacks. Is there anyone in America gullible enough to believe that there is no collusion between the MSM and Dem media strategists..."Don't worry, Obama. We've got this one!"

This from Andrea Peyser in the New York Post this AM:
But women on the left, who fought long and hard for the ability to raise children simultaneously with election cash, are in spasms. (Some have simply kept silent. Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton - where are you?)

The same lefty media that studiously ignored the adolescence of Chelsea Clinton can't wait to dig into Bristol Palin.
My Sweetie, a tough feminist and one-time activist for women's causes, turned off the television this morning. "This is making me sick," she said. "It's wrong."

I'm not going to predict the end of the institution I once held in so high a regard, but I do believe that this campaign cycle, regardless of how it turns out in November, does mark the end of MSM's widespread influence on the national scene. They have turned away from their mission and recast themselves as an arm of the "progressive movement" in the United States, under the command of their left-wing masters. As a heartbroken holder of aa Press Card, I can't help but think it might havebeen better for the MSM to die than go forward as painted whores.


Anonymous said...

The MSM's luv affair with B. Hussein Obama may be paying off for him: RCP's average of polls has Obama up 6.2 points.

This election could break either way. We in the gun culture had better do everything we can to insure a McCain/Palin victory. A strong grassroots ground game will overcome the MSM smear campaign. BUT, that won't happen if we sit on our arses.

Anonymous said...

To the good though, now there is no longer any doubt. Our enemies have fully identified themselves.

Walt R.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you went to FSU I think I paid for a full wing with my three kids. All of whom have succeeded and are voting against BHO.

"B Hussain O" doesn't even have the guts to stand up to his own bloggers and stop this persecution of Palin's daughter. I wonder what he would say if it were his daughter and the GOP decided to take her on. It's a shame but it looks lke this may be the first time a president is elected by the press and not the people.

Stay stronge! we have got to stay together on this one....not only for our sport but for our country.

John Richardson said...

Is it just me or do others wish someone, anyone, would just haul off and smack that smarmy smile off of Keith Olbermann's face?

I'd kinda like to see him cross the line with Todd Palin by making some smart remark about either Sarah or Bristol and have his designer glasses shoved down his throat by Todd. You'd hear the cheers from coast to coast!

Anonymous said...

FSU, huh? I thought you looked familar. Weren't you that kid in that downtown sandwich shop where they served any drink by the pitcher? Or did you bus tables out at the "Yearling"?

Seriously, the real telling statement is the one by the anchor that Gingrich "left openings", like his network HAS to come up with rebuttals.

[Me? I didn't go to FSU but to USF. Go Bulls.]

Anonymous said...

I do believe that this campaign cycle does mark the end of MSM's widespread influence on the national scene

There are millions of people that hang on every word of the MSM.
If it's on TV, it's TRUE!

Sadly there are not many critical thinkers left out there. Like any skill, if unused it goes away. It has degraded so much in some folks that they have completely lost the ability to think for themselves.

Walt - +1

Anonymous said...

MSM revenues are down and still falling. Thank god Palin came along maybe we can take advantage of this and sell a few more papers just like the tabloids do. Hundreds of papers drifting towards the abyss of tabloid status.

Just where does one get an unbiased view of US news??

This is just the tip of the iceberg, we have two months to go. May common sense save us.

Xavier said...

On Target Michael, dead on target!