Wednesday, January 21, 2009

And in an Alternate Universe...

"Outgoing President George Bush and incoming Vice President Sarah Palin congratulate new Undersecretary of Black Rifles-Designate Michael Bane on his Cabinet-level post. To the right of President Bush, Spike's Tactical President Michael Register beams at learning Spike's Tactical has been chosen the Official Black Rifle of the Inauguration."

Probably the first time you've laughed in 24 hours, right?

Let me tell you what's really happening in the picture...Mike Register and the guys from Spike's Tactical enlisted the Bush/Palin lookalikes to present me with two SPECTACULAR guns — a totally custom Spike's AR-15 5.56 carbine and an equally trick 9mm AR-15 pistol! Spike and the guys took this extraordinary step to thank me for my support over the last year or so.

Hey guys, I have supported Spike's Tactical because you not only build the best AR-15 lowers and accessories in the business, but you have done so while retaining your off-beat sense of humor and spirit fun. Hey, we all do this because it is fun, not because we're living in some secret hidden bunker in the Rocky Mountains...whoops!


Thank you thank you thank you!

And, of course, you'll be seeing a full video report on the 2 guns on DRTV as soon as my FFL guy has them!!!

BTW...I had to pry the rifle out of the faux-Sarah's hands after the ceremony...a little too real for me!


LurkMastR said...

I hope it's just the camera angle, but it sure looks like "Palin" has the rifle pointed right at "Bush's" head.

Anonymous said...

A constitutional crises. We now have no president. I believe the evidence at plus bho's REFUSAL to bring forth the proper documents says it all. The ship of state is adrift with a crew of fools. the mushroom

Anonymous said...

Now, if Spike would just resurrect that handgun version in 10mm! A few years back, someone had an "AR" rifle in that caliber and HK had an MP5 in it too. I hear that Walt Rauch is another 10mm aficianado. I have many years experience with the caliber and loads, about from the time it came out and believe that it is still a very under-rated round. Instead, it should be know for its versatility.
When special edition guns come out, as with the Kimbers, they sell out immediately. That should tell the gun and ammo makers something.
Walt, if you're reading this, what do you think?
Life Member

Anonymous said...

Very nice! And since it is an alternate universe, I'm sure the rifles are select fire.

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