Monday, January 19, 2009


Hey all;

Am back from SHOT 2009! I want to spend the rest of this week on the blog trying to put stuff into perspective. Not a huge amount of innovation this was another SHOT where the industry was standing pat. There's was surprising amount of optimism mixed with the fear, which is a good thing.

The transition to a tactical market is clearly one wag said, you couldn't swing a dead cat on any aisle without hitting an AR or accessory. The other big news was the ascendency of the once-lowly .380 cartridge.

More later today!


Anonymous said...

the tactical market transition is a double edged sword.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back MB. Loved the videos on TOC.

I was in a local box sporting goods store the other day, and noticed - the only brass and bullets on the shelf these days seems to be hunting ammo - 7mm, 6mm, .270, .243, .300WSM, stuff like that.

Want 5.56, 7.62 or 6.8 components? Wait in line like everyone else.

Overload in Colorado said...

Why does the cat have to be dead?

Also, while doing some surfing, I ran across a Grendel p-12, a gun made years ago, which looks a lot like the father of all these new .380s.

Eric said...

If .380 is the bee's knees, where are the .380 carbines?

be603 said...

Q: Why does the cat have to be dead?

A: To be a good cat.

Anonymous said...

Well Hell...I have carried my Walther PPK-S since 1972! I still trust my life to that fine pistol!

Anonymous said...

Where are you finding hunting ammo!?!?! Big Green is out and not giveing out dates for when they will, The flying W is being mystious as usually, at least the boys from the Frozen North do seem to have most of the hunting loads.
Yes, .223 & 7.62 are sparse again, but of that is panic stockpling. Which doesn't seem to be stopping. I am never going to be able to make these numbers next year.
The bad news all of the big three say pistol ammo is going to be limited for the near future. I'm getting a lot of April, May, June and even August dates, and not just on the "run it once-maybe-a year" stuff.
And for all you fan's of "Demolition Man", remember in the future all rifes are AR plaforms and all pistols are 1911's.

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