Wednesday, January 28, 2009

More Coffee, Please!

So I'm trying to wake up this AM before a short day of filming. Couple of things on the DRTV front...we (or rather Marshal) are starting to get up clips from THE BEST DEFENSE. Hopefully, we've cleared all the hurdles to put up (and maybe offer for sale) some back episodes of COWBOYS and SHOOTING GALLERY, all part of our new relationship with OUTDOOR CHANNEL.

I'm also looking at some of the original videos...right now I'm hindered by, dud, winter! It's way cold up at the secret hidden bunker. I'd have to go pretty far south to do some filming. I'll figure something out. I want to spend some time with a bullpup carbine, because they generate such love it or hate it emotion. While I really liked the new Steyr AUG at SHOT, I plan to T&E an FNH USA FS2000, which I've shot a bunch at various events. The big plus for the FS is that it takes standard AR 30-rounders.

I notice that the market in some areas is catching up with the demand...AR mags and Glock 17 magazines, as commenters have pointed out, now seem to be available, at least in a few place. Several of the big houses are quoting popular ammo back in stock, albeit at higher prices. The fear is that, politics aside, there's an inevitable big dip on the other side of this sales frenzy as an entire year's worth of money is sucked out in the first couple of months.

In talking to NRA museum head Jim Supica, he noted that antique and collector gun were suffering, with some of the big auction houses reporting sales below the low end of the anticipated bids. In other words, if you've ever wanted a classic gun, there will probably never be a better time for that purchase...after, of course, you AR is safely in your safe! 


Anonymous said...

Time to pick up that Griffin and Howe for Vintagers ?
Tom Bogan

Anonymous said...

1 AR in the safe before election day and two more stripped lowers now completed and snuggled next to their sibling.

Anonymous said...

Lower parts kits also seem to be trickling back in. For the longest while no one had a single one; the other day my local store seemed to have gotten about twenty of them from Double Star.

Wal-Mart is completely out of 9mm for the foreseeable future, according to the clerk with whom I spoke. Small quantities of .45ACP make it through, but that's about it.

Anonymous said...

Here in Pa. I am clinging to my 9 ARs and 2 new lowers and my 10,000 rds of 5.56 and .45. Still can't find any AR mags below $15. Guess 20 will have to do! Gotta go cling to some religion and pray for the salvation of this F***** up country!

Anonymous said...

Anyone know what Sportsman's Warehouse problem is?

They haven't had a decent supply of reloading gear and/or ammo for easily 6-8 months, the election was coincidental.

Cabelas down the freeway hasn't had any supply prblems at all.
Is S-M going tits up?

Overload in Colorado said...

Sportsman's Warehouse has been having some problems. However, they receintly sold a majority share to a Canadian Farm Co-Op.

Anonymous said...

The election was NOT COINCIDENCE!!!!
My firm saw sales go up SEVEN TIME the normal rate. I did in one DAY the week of the election, and just about every day since,what I was selling in ammo A WEEK, the month before.
I deal with four distributors around the country and until just recently they were OUT of EBR's, parts, mag's, and even .30-06 150gr soft pt hunting load ammo.
And it has just spiked again last week.
We have lots of money in the bank, several million in fact, so writing the checks for the stuff isn't the problem. It's getting enough of it to ship faster then people are buying it.