Tuesday, January 13, 2009

SHOT NOTES (Remember, POD on THURSDAY this week)

Am traveling today to Mouse World. Hopefully tonight I'll have dinner with Paul Erhardt and Jim Shepherd and get a sense going into SHOT on the temperature of the industry.

Logistically, we're going to cover this SHOT differently than DRTV has done the last couple of years. Marshal and Marshal'ette will be in Orlando handling the video upload chores both for DRTV and for OutdoorChannel.com, both of which will go live tomorrow. We're going to be working with Outdoor Channel film crews starting tomorrow at Media Day at the Range and continuing through the Show, uploading to SHOT SHOW TV and to the Internet.

I'll be trying to pigeonhole industry leaders on their view of our immediate future as well as working the new products' beat.

We're also going to be uploading material to the DRTV SHOT Show blog (live tomorrow), including written reports, photographs, video and audio posts. We've opened the SHOT blog to as many people as we can, and hopefully you'll be seeing many familiar voices.

My plan is to do a lot of photo/comment posting on new products that catch my eye simultaneously to the OC, DRTV and Michael Bane blog from the iPhone on the floor of the Show. In another first, I'm going to try to keep up a running commentary on Twitter, including where I'll be on the Show floor if you'd like to stop me and say, "Hi!" You can go to Twitter and sign up to follow me, or you can read the Twitter updates directly on the OC SHOT page.

This is also the first time DRTV will be working directly with Outdoor Channel resources

I have NO FREAKIN" IDEA how this is going to work...if I think about how much work I've committed to do, I'll throw up (probably hit an AR-15, since I expect them to be ubiquitous t his year).

Our original idea is to give you as much of a Real Time experience on the SHOT floor as we can, which is why we've set up all this running media. It's ambitious as all get-out, but what else would you expect from us?

Tally-ho, so to speak...or, since we're in Orlando, so to squeak!


Anonymous said...

Oh, that was a Mickey hat. At first glance, it looked like a sad face and a tear running down its left cheek. The bottom edge of the hat looked like a frown.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing the work Michael. It may be almost as nice as getting to be at the SHOW myself!
Can't wait to see whats new.

Anonymous said...

OK michael - How do you use this Twitter thingy. I'm an old fart and this doesn't link to your name, so what are you registered under?

Anonymous said...

as the industry folks about his H.R. 45 bill that I guess, got introduced today:


It's called:

Blair Holt's Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009 (Introduced in House)

And I guess was introduced on January 6th, 2009 according to that link above.

Anonymous said...

Tragic,bho wanting to destroy the only part of the economy that's still working.the mushroom

Anonymous said...

Cooy/Paste this link to read H.R. 45 - -


Click on "licensing" to read the text.
Scary shit. They want to make felons of us all.

Anonymous said...

For twitter you and the rest of the media need to use a hash tag like #shot. That way people can follow the shot show better

Anonymous said...

Spoke too soon. #shot is used. #shotshow would work.

Anonymous said...

Michael, please quit referring to Orlando as "mousetown"! That is an insult,OK.

Anonymous said...

The "hash tag" explanation still doesn't bring an old fart like me up to speed. Can you walk me thru the drill, so's I can access the stuff MB posts? Many thanx.

Anonymous said...

Michael Bane is Twittering under the nome-de-plume of MichaelBane (all run together.) And this weeks podcast sounds like it was recorded at a Star Trek convention, with electronic beeps, howls, fades, and the odd Klingon or two. In addition, it "teleports" (skips) to the next podcast at least three places. Frustrating to listen.

Just points out the the trigger is the point and click interface that Mike is best suited for.