Sunday, January 04, 2009

Thoughts on the Current Middle East "Conflict"

Another worthy read, this one from the Transterrestial Musings blog:
The New Brown Shirts

How ironic, really, how tragic, that Muslims, who want us to believe that Islam is the religion of peace, would behave in such a hateful and violent way!

Oh yes. And without shame, and with great pleasure, the protestors call Jews: pigs, apes, donkeys, vermin, and faggots. They hurl curses at their far more sedate opponents. They threaten to rape their opponent’s mothers and visit a slow and painful death upon their opponents’ wives and children. “Nuke Israel” screamed one young woman in hijab, over and over again in Ft. Lauderdale. “F–k you Jew” was also a favorite chant.

I guess that wearing hijab does not necessarily make a woman modest or kind.

By and large, the world media is watching Hamas’s back and presenting the case for terrorism, not for democracy or the rule of law. The potential menace of these mobs has flown far below the mainstream media’s radar as well.
Read the whole thing, and the links if you have the stomach for it. I always come back to the powerful lines at the closing of Alain Renais's searing documentary on the camps, Night & the camera pans across a now tranquil Auschwitz while the voiceover reads, "Who is on guard from these lonely towers to warn us of the coming of the new executioners?"


Anonymous said...

Israel gave up total presence in Gaza. They beat their own citizens and evicted them. The Israelis turned over in perfect condition greenhouses that were producing millions in revenue from flowers and fruits grown there. There is some geological speculation that there is even oil reserves under Gaza.

So what happened when ALL THE ISRAELIS marched out of Gaza in 2005? The animals destroyed the greenhouses, voted in Hamas and applied all their energies to building rockets.

They had 35 Kilometers of beachfront on the Mediterranean Sea. They could have generated BILLIONS of dollars to help their people by minding their own f&*#ing business and getting on with life. They had what they had asked for...AUTONOMY.

At this point I fervently hope that Israel bulldozes the strip from north to south. Naplam the bastards.

To understand the vile nature of Islam read any of Robert Spencers books on the subject.

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