Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Blogging Through Euphoria

Or something like it...I'm at Midway USA, staring at empty primer cabinets. Yesterday they got in a shipment of Czech .380, and boy, you could see the stuff blowing out the doors!

That's Larry P. studying his lines.

-- Post From The Road


Tim Covington said...

Thank you for the unpleasant reminder of the components situation. While you are at it, would you like to give me some paper cuts and pour lemon juice on them? ;>

Mdev said...

What Michael forgot to mention is that the primer cabinets were full before he got there, and now HIS cabinets are full.

Hazcat said...


You get to go to the best candy stores!

crb2 said...

After a talk with our rep from ATK (CCI, Speer, Blazer, and Federal) That between the two plants (CCI & Federal) that they are producing 4 million primers a day.
Unfortunately, they are also claiming back orders of 50 BILLION primers.
It doesn't look like anyones primer cabinet will be full for sometime to come...

Anonymous said...

Re: the podcast -- was this "Czech .380" ammo by Prvi Partizan, as you seemed to be trying to say?

If so, that was not "Czech .380." It was Serbian .380.


Straight outta Uzice, Serbia.

(Not so hard to pronounce Prvi Partizan -- just say the English words "privy partisan" and you're semi-close.)

Prvi is becoming an important source for high-volume U.S. shooters. I have a heck of a lot more Prvi 5.56mm in my stores than Federal, Winchester, etc. ... excellent ammo!

Anonymous said...

Also, since I don't want to be a pill around here --

Really enjoyed your discussion of defense shotguns in today's podcast, MB. Quite thought provoking.