Sunday, June 14, 2009

Women & Rape — Fight Back!

Check out this study on rape resistance: 
Women are often advised to use non-aggressive strategies against sexual assault[3]. Research suggests that this is a poor advice
Women who used knives or guns in self-defence were raped less than 1% of the time. Defensive use of edged or projectile weapons reduced the rate of injury to statistical insignificance[7].


Laura said...
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Laura said...

wait wait wait.

you mean women who fight back with appropriate force DON'T GET RAPED?

my mind, it boggles. i figured something like that would be common sense. (note - this isn't a slight against you,'s just a facepalm reaction for me.)

Anonymous said...

And it took WHO, HOW LONG, with HOW MUCH DOLLARS, to figure this out?
As fainfenix said, the mind boggles. The idiots that came up with the alternative (don't fight or resist) must live in a VERY SHELTERED world where nothing evil ever happens to anyone they know, and this was just a "what if" mental exercise.
Welcome to the bitch slap of reality.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

This "truth" follows the many years of poor advice that was freely handed out that told women to "assume the position". It was right up there (down there?) with the equally poor advice that told us to "...Just give them what they want", when it came to robbery. We all know that was bullshit.
My dad said it best, when confronted by a threat: "You want trouble, you got it right now!" That statement was followed by a good slam into the chops, followed by controlled mayhem. It worked EVERY time. Further, if you surround yourself with people of the same mind-set, as he did, you will be further protected. Fortunately, this bunch here tends to flock with the same types, so our security is furhter guaranteed.
Ladies, stand your ground! Men, teach them how. Don't look for trouble, but if it finds you, BE PREPARED!
Life Member