Friday, June 26, 2009

Great Second Amendment News Round-Up

Am still in Cowboy World, and to the best of my knowledge, Michael Jackson is still no longer with us. In the meanwhile, here's a really good Second Amendment news round-up from The Liberty Sphere.

And in our JESUS CHRIST ON A HOBBYHORSE Department, coming apparently from Showtime



I may have to get Showtime

Overload in Colorado said...

Doesn't look negative, so far. It is listed as a reality series, so does it follow these people around?

As to my answer to the question:
How does a gun make me feel? It makes me feel as much as my toaster makes me feel, that being: nothing. Tools have no emotional attachments with me.

I have feelings related to guns.
I do feel safer CARRYING a gun, but I don't feel safer with the gun in the safe, and I don't feel safer shooting it at the range.
I feel fearful of guns, and treat them with the utmost respect.

Now if the question was: 'What do you like about guns?', I would talk about the history, craftsmanship, performance, looks; a lot like art and cars.

I'd love to see the cover an evening with a reloader, a day with a gunsmith, training with an Olympian and a match with a Range Officer. I'd also like to see a day of hunting where the gun is never used.

philw said...


o well it happens :( I guess Kevin Rudd has put China's Internet restrictions in to Australia

Anonymous said...

exactly. why cant we watch this vid here in australia?
Another case of the Government dictating there will on the people.

justbill said...

I'll believe a pro-gun message when I see it.

Anonymous said...

Must stink to be Australian.
I agree with Overload, I noticed that every one had their fingers OFF the triggers, Maybe it WILL be accurate.
Tom Bogan

Dan said...

Powerful? Individual? What?

I agree with the point made about the toaster. It is a tool, designed for a purpose. That purpose is, quite simply, to give the user the ability to launch a projectile, presumably at a target.

The uses that it is put to in the pursuit of that (or any other) purpose are entirely up to the user.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like somebody read Kyle Cassidy's book. Or maybe they just looked at the pictures.


Jkwas said...

Well I guess as long as they don't show a bunch of folks acting like idiots with guns it can only be positive to show that gun owners are people like you and me.
Now, if it's meant as a satire, well that's something else entirely.
Of course it could be a way to try and cash in on Best Defense's success.
That's all I have to say about that.

nj_larry said...

Philw, you might want to check out the following. It is a way to get around some blocks...