Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Child's Garden of Rookie Mistakes

Man, maybe I should write a book!!!

Still clean after 3 stages on Day 2 of the Wild Bunch match, but stupid rookie mistake gave me a cataclysmic 1911 magazine jam that took forever (and a fingernail) to clear.

Rookie Mistake #1: Change the plan the day before the match.

Rookie Mistake #2: Change guns the day before the match.

GREAT BIG Rookie Mistake #3: Don't test Gun A magazine in Gun B.

Let my pain be an instructive lesson, Grasshopper!!!

-- Post From The Road


Laura said...

the ONLY fitting response follows:

(a compilation of Homer Simpson saying D'OH!)

i feel your pain, though. i'm full of stupid mistakes that always reveal themselves at the worst moment.

Pete said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who changes the plan &/or gun the day before the match!

Worst one was cleaning the sighted-in rifle the night before the match, and thinking "doesn't this thing have an adjustable tigger? Let's take the stock off and mess around with it!" And then surprised the next morning when the zero has changed...

Mdev said...

I am kinda surprised that you somehow found enough Ammo and or components to actually shoot a full match.

Unknown said...

Even with mistakes and malfunctions better than a good day at the office.

Michael Bane said...

MATCHES ARE BIG FUN! Absolutely! Frustrating, of course, when I come down with a nasty case of the stupids, or when my mind — which remembers the glory days — makes bet my body can't cover. But give me a year of steady shooting, intelligent practice and some physical training, and I believe I'll be back strong

RE: My '97 clone...yeah, Chinese...I have an original 1905 solid frame being overhauled as we speak. I'd hoped it would be ready for EOT, but there were some hidden problems — aren't there always!

I know how to solve my other equipment issues, and I'll be taking those steps.

Ammo-wise, I'm very glad I generally buy primers in 5K- 10K lot to save on hazmat charges. I also had some .44 Magnum cowboy loads from Tex-X, so I had the rifle covered. I've always bought shotgun shells because they're generally a good buy, but I may have to suck it up and reload if I keep shooting seriously.