Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Safe Comes Home1

I'm was finally able to take delivery on my new Liberty Safe — too much travel! — and to say I'm pleased is a VAST UNDERSTATEMENT, It's super! I chose a Lincoln series, the best-selling safe in America, with 14 1.25-inch bolts on all sides of the door and the super door panel for storing handguns.

YES! It has a BORING MECHANICAL LOCK! Once bitten; twice shy...

After my safe debacle end of last year, I did a lot of research of safes, including talking with execs from safe companies. Based on my research and my talks, I decided my next safe was going to be a Liberty.

I've worked at $100 off deal with Liberty for all you guys. Go to the Liberty site, click on the Fatboy, and enter the discount code "bane" for a $100 discount.

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